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  • Sentinelxm1994
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    This thread is still a thing? Now I might have to go find me a game of rush or frontlines and hump hills for three hours straight just because I can. Also because it seems to annoy people and I'm all about being as annoying as possible. I've never actually hill humped before because I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to things as tedious as long range sniping but seeing how much buttsore it can cause in friends and foes alike, it just might be worth it.

    Then I will follow you around as support and throw snoke grenades in your face the whole time
  • Sentinelxm1994
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    As well as smoke grenades
  • rock1obsta
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    I completely disagree with limiting classes. It's a slippery slope that could easily morph into something much worse than a camping scrub (or 6) on your team.

    But, I can't stand the useless campers either. A teammate who doesn't care about what's best for the team should have some sort of consequences imposed when purposely playing objective modes and ignoring the objectives.

    Time based parameters contingent upon objective points could help. For example: scrublord B likes to be as close to his base as possible, prone, & missing 90% of his potshots (which is the vast majority of all sniper wannabes in the game). If scrublord B stays in that area, without scoring "X" amount of objective points, i.e. defending the gimme flag relentlessly, he starts losing points.

    This should carry over and literally subtract points from lifetime score if this type of selfish behavior continues.
    It would be possible to actually lose some unlocked weapons/gadgets by ignoring the right way to play the class and continuing to do your own thing.

    In the spirit of fairness, a similar system would apply to all classes:

    Useless assaults who don't.....well....ASSAULT tanks and vehicles in addition to taking flags would lose points for not playing their class.

    Useless medics who don't equip a medbag and/or syringe. This shouldn't be an option to NOT equip at least one of the two.

    Useless supports who don't equip ammo. Again, no reason not to so it should be mandatory.

    It should be noted that these rules would only apply to objective heavy modes, not dom or tdm.

    If a players score would reflect their effort at helping win objectives by some sort of relevance or usefulness scale, there's no reason DICE couldn't implement this.

    Just no limits on the amount of players in classes, that's a really bad road to start down.

  • chawktrick
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    I would be in favor of a new game mode that has some type of penalty or mechanism for punishing people who camp, but I'm opposed to any addition to current game modes that forces players to play a certain way. Camping is part of pretty much every FPS, particularly AAA FPS. It's something we all have to handle.

    Plus, sometimes "camping" isn't the major concern. I played an Operations tonight and we had something 8-10 snipers on our team. Most of them were playing the objectives, but most of them also just weren't very good. I can play sniper, assault/defend objectives and finish with a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio. A lot of these guys were 1:1 or negative. People accused of them of being "camping snipers" since we were losing, but I watched them and that really wasn't the case.

    My point is that these things aren't always black and white.
  • wontbuyurgames
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    1. Limit the game to a small number of snipers in each game.
    2. DICE needs to S-T-O-P making side objectives that take players away from the main one. No do this and unlock that. They did this in Battlefront too.
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