Leveling up in multiplayer glitch

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I have a problem. I have been playing battlefield for a couple of days now and I cannot get past level 5 on multiplayer. I keep playing (and finishing) games, but my experience is stuck at 7561/15000. Even when I get an 8,000+ score game, that progress bar does not move. I've tried reinstalling the game, but nothing is working. Does anybody know why this is happening? Am I missing something? Please help.


  • SampleTextXDD
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    7361/15000 *
  • 187Bear
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    Just contact Dice/EA support, they're good at helping. I had to do it once myself and they helped. Found the contact info online.
  • The_Jurica
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    Are the free trials still active? If you're playing the premium stuff and haven't paid for it I think you don't get any XP...
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