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2018 GODDAMN IT and not one single answer that helps on the worldwide web to solve this,its ridiculous....

I've seen posts on other topics on other forums that explained other flickering problems, different ones, and with different Processors and GPU's (Most are AMD)

But I have this **** right here and you don't know how its annoying and hurtful for the eyes and the monitor at the same time (Probably the GPU too)

And i just cant seem to fix it, anti - aliasing adjustments didn't work...every time i play i check for GPU driver updates and its always the latest one

sooooo I'm really pissed

If anyone can really help me i would really appreciate it from the heart!!

As I know NVIDIA knows about this and they have no **** clue how to fix it...(Like..For real?...)

Thank you in advance =]



  • Shadoxfilms
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    There are a few things you can try to fix this situation:
    1. Re-install battlefield, I doubt this is the issue, but lets just be methodical here
    2. uninstall, then re-install video drivers from geforce experience.

    If those two do not fix your issue, then you may be looking at faulty hardware. That would be a question for the manufacturers of your video card. Hope you find a solution soon.
  • LOLGotYerTags
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    Welcome to the Forum @Sweezyxe

    Firstly However, Posting thread titles in ALL CAPS is discouraged, It is also considered to be a form of shouting in visual form ( which is not permitted ).

    Secondly, Swearing is also not permitted here ( This is an infraction worthy violation and thus you will have your first forum infraction for this )

    You may recreate this thread without the ALL CAPS TITLE, And without the Swearing.

    Thank you.
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