Trip wire issue



  • KermitJ
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    A buddy of mine has put down a fire wire. I told him the wire is on the left the wrong position. He then told me it shows on the right instead. Any correlations?
    Yep. I've had them go off when they are beyond a doorway in a room I didn't even go into *and* do me plenty of damage.
    NOMADSKYS wrote: »
    Yes there is an issue. I've played a whole lot of Hardcore and if you place a tripwire mine it will trigger it in all directions as far as the string is stretched.

    I found this out as many teammates (and I) were walking near a trip (not in the string path) and setting them off regardless of position.

    This is definitely a glitch that needs to be resolved. It's like a 360 claymore now. Very inconvenient to us Hardcore players.

  • Puckerbucket
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    I've seen a trip wire, stopped well before it, and started backing up only to have it explode as I got further away from it.
    This, exactly.
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