Favorite Elite Class?

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What's up guys,

Title says it all. What's your favorite Elite Class in Battlefield 1? In addition to a powerful weapon, an Elite kit also provides a distinctive outfit and additional armor (though the faction's base uniforms can still be seen underneath), and fully restores the health of the soldier who claims it. I didn't get them too much, someone would always beat me to it(kinds like hero tokens in Bfront 1). They were easy to kill, i've killed too many to count, but in capable hands they could be devastating.

There are 6 Elite Classes in BF1:

-The Flametrooper kit

-The Sentry kit

-The Sentry SMG kit

-The Tank Hunter kit

-The Trench Raider kit


I've played 337hrs of BF1 and that whole time I've gotten every other kit except the Trench Raider...until last night. Instantly my favorite Elite class. So much fun running around like a MLC user from MW2 lol

What's your favorite?


  • stiII_no_name
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    The Trench Raider is just stupid fun :dizzy:

    I also had a great time when I got the tank hunter kit and there was a blimp behemoth. I shot like 15 people out of it while dealing damage to the blimp.
  • Gforce81
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    I really like the Infiltrator kit

    Its the one I feel I can really help shape the flow of battle more. It was pretty smooth crawling along the edge of the map past a huge firefight, to pop the spawn beacon and give my team a awesome new spawn behind enemy lines.

    Start getting dudes spawning in, our counterattack swinging in from their flank.
  • BobsAndVegane
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    Tank hunter. It's the most versatile of all the classes. Anti-tank, anti-aircraft, and anti-infantry capabilities at all ranges, a shotgun for close range anti-infantry, two AT grenades, and a frag grenade. The spotting periscope is also helpful for determining range on longer distance shots.

    Its only weakness are the supports on your team that don't drop ammo no matter how many times you smack them with your survival knife.
  • KermitJ
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    Flamethrower for me! I feel like I should be laughing maniacally when i hey the flamethrower really warmed up! I set entire hallways on fire, seriously had a couple comments last night sayin fire everywhere
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