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    Battlefield 4 was definitely the apex of the franchise. Hardline had its proplems but i still think it is superior to BF1

    I feel sorry for you if you think BF4 was the best Battlefield game. BF2142 was far superior. The only reason people don't like it was because it was set in the future. Everything else about it was better.
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    I love enter/exit vehicle animation, cuz it let the game become more realistic, and without it , the game will be more unbalanced, cuz you could immediately enter a vehicle and then kill people. I think people who dislike the new animation and regard it as unbalanced thing are selfish, cuz they wanna be the tank guy and wanna immediately use vehicles to kill more players. You know, without that new enter/exit animation, the feeling of immersion of the game will get reduced severely. There should be a real hardcore game using Frostbite Engine.
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    GRIZZ11283 wrote: »
    Why do people get so offended when someone compares Bf1/BFV to BF3/4? Let people have their opinions it's what forums are for. It does feel like BF1 and BFV were a dumbing down of the skill gap though for the casuals. I'm probably not getting BFV unless there is dramatic change from the Alpha to the launch. Those animations and lack of spotting just seem redundant changes.

    Why do people think BF4 took more skill though?
    Please elaborate, I often see this claim made, but nobody actually says why.

    Cus muh verticality lmao. More ways to die, more ways to be seen, mburst hbar sniping with assault rifles haha. BF1 is pretty bland by comparison
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