Original M1911 or M1911 silenced for Assault class?



  • superteds
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    yeah, as far as i know all 1911's except maybe the hellfighter and doughboy count
  • OrionPherrit
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    I’m sure it doesn’t. My elite codex is still stuck at 28 and hasn’t budged since I got the silencer.
  • KermitJ
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    Compared to the howdah and Webly though colt .45 has less recoil at least that’s my experience l. Sorry I own a post ww1 colt .45 that was passed down from father to sun. Love the gun!
  • dmccar1001
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    I believe I heard that it does.

    Yes it does ... I did it all with Silenced once I got the gun.
  • CJ7087
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    I’ve decided to go for M1911 silenced,it served me well.Danke für dein suggestions Kamerads!
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