PS3 Criminal Activity 2018

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Hello everyone, I did a new clan for Battlefield Hardline PS3 Players! I am the founder of CriminalActPS3 Platoon and this clan is for the people who want to play Criminal Activity DLC Maps, but you can also play in other DLC Maps (I do not have all of them, But i´m going to buy the other 3 DLC´s later). I did this platoon because I bought Criminal Activity, and all the DLC´S servers are empty and I need people who want to play. No Standard Level Request. If you are beginning or you have a lot of time playing this game you can be accepted. We can play These game modes: Hotwire, Heist, Bloody Money, Conquest, Rescue, Team Deathmatch, Crosshair, Bounty Hunter. The servers will be the VISCERAL Official servers (it is not necessary to play on a official server, you can play in any other types of servers). This is how we going to create a match: I am going to join in an empty server and then I´m going to invite us all. You can play in other servers and invite people to the CriminalActPS3 platoon and
It´s a International Clan, so you can enjoy playing with all of kind of persons of different levels and different nationalities. Hackers and disrespecting players will not be accepted, If somebody break these rules, that player will be kicked or banned. Report these kind of players. You can invite other people at this clan as that will be recommendable. I hope you accept the requests because this will be fun. This is the link of the platoon: [] My PSN Username: giovanni9-_-


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    I reccomend to use Playstation APP, Community, and message. To talk with All the members.
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