EA BF-1942 Gameplay

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I do hope All at EA remember BF-1942 gameplay, the maps were huge multiple fighting on all from, little skirmishes and also enough room to fly the aircraft in without going out of bounds. This is the type of maps this title Battlefield V requires.

These type of maps will allow CQB, Tank Warfare and Aerial Combat and Aerial Support. All immersive and FUN. Can we bring Battlefield back to the RAVING table of fun and not the RAVING table of complaints.

Also with reference to Anti-cheat, you do require dome sore of AC program, Fair fight is and never will be enough. If you make the servers available to the Clans and allow them access to the FULL Client-side allowing banning action to be carried out or at least giving them the option to sideline certain players for possible cheating, all would be rosy.

I do believe that BFV could be among the top FPS if and only if you start listening to your real BOARD MEMBERS the gaming community that purchase YOUR software in the first place.




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    Battlefield 1942, best battlefield :)
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