This Week in Battlefield V


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Well BF1 has played its final hand - the shock operations were great but I've reverted back to previous BF's as my K/D is getting too high and the game play monotonous.

Having great contests on BFH vanilla maps but few opportunities to play some of the great expansion pack maps for the game.

When you come back to BFH after a few years you realise that actually: THIS IS A GREAT GAME! The theatres of destruction are great- the 80's synthwave style maps on the docks, ghetto streets and shopping centre are awesome and thematic. The gameplay is great too albeit that you have to be super quick at kill marking.

When it was released it got slated for a number of reasons ranging from 'it should have been a BF4 expansion pack not a separate game, to the cops & robbers theme etc. however whinging aside - this is still a worthy FPS multiplayer with grappling hooks, bank heists, car chases, zip lining from buildings and constant destructive chaos.

It's time for a reboot - hit me up here if you are interested in a server with all DLC or get pushing the crowd to this old gem.




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