Player Admin Abuse where to Report him

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Where can I report a Player on Battlefield 4 for Xbox Live since they don't have full Report support like the Pc does I want to Report this Player server for Admin Abuse due to Threatening my Xbox Live account to get banned which I am no just communication Banned and for that reason is I don't use a mic and he threatened to get it banned and now I am banned until the 2nd for saying nothing wrong to him or doing anything wrong in a hosted server that He was an Admin too. I asked him when I was kicked from a server that had a rule set to no EOD Bots allowed after 2 flag captures or more, so then I asked why you kicked me i didn't do anything wrong. He then messaged me accusing me of using an EoD Bot and this was in Hardcore I never use. So his first message before he accused me of using an EoD Bot in Hardcore which again I don't use is tries lieing to me saying that it wasn't him kicking me it's a paid server he also told me saying that I broke the rules which i never did (I am sorry I don't have proof of video) but again I don't use EoD Bots in any Hardcore map. So Then I told him that if he keeps kicking me from the server assuming that I was using the EoD Bots rather than looking at the Kill Cam Report he would of saw clearly that it wasn't me, that I will report his Battlelog account that's registered to his Xbox Live account.

After I told him that he then Replied to me again saying I told him to Ban you because you made threats (quote: report him on Battlelog for Admin Abuse) and still he was lieing about me running an eod bot. When I saw that message of him was still assuming that I was making threats I said (quote: I didn't made any threats kid did you even read the message. lol. childish.) he (quoted: cya good luck with that attitude). Apparently he was assuming that im upset at the game which apparently I am upset at him that he's cheating the servers by kicking people for his skill. So when I told him that if he kicks me from the server that his battlelog will be reported for Admin server abuse and Player Harassment. He replied (Quote: yeah like i said combative). I then said to him where did i say anything about threatening you. He Gave a long Paragraph (Him Quote: You threatened to report my battlelog ( how is reporting a players battlelog account a threat) account for and admin ( which he clearly was since he told me.) (not me) kicking you from a private, paid server. The Admins can do anything do anything they want. we paid( quote We he didn't understand what a Host can do. He just understands what an Admin that monitors the server can do.) for the server. You really think there is someone on the other end of the line that is going to ban someone who is a source of revenue on a +5 year old game? which he doesn't understand that. You more than likely where violating ( there he goes accusing me for breaking the rules) server rules by using an EoD Bot while holding more than 1 Objective. ( he needs to watch the Kill cam Report on the Top Right ) The Point is you came to me threatening to do something to me ( False claim he just lied right there again). Now ur Banned.

So after that Paragraph] I then quoted to him about his stats and everything else he did in his career stats and how long he played on his Battlelog report. He then Tried to claim that he was better than me by playing only 1 map using the suav for kills and also brags about average kills per game only in Operation Metro 2014 which he clearly doesn't understand skill by kicking better players from the server. So I told him that he's not good just by playing 1 map using suav for kills. After that message there He then responed back saying I'm not good that's why I got you banned you're too good.

I am not good because i have the same skill level as he does he is just mad that he's getting beaten by better and smarter players that he keeps running into. so after all that his last quote was Yea I really don't care you're blocked and banned now.

so apparently through all that he was making the threat on me of false claims and that is way I wan't to report this Player.

I will not name the players gamertag because that is name and shaming that's why I am explaing the problem of this players Admin Abuse of banning players from the server because they are better than them on Xbox Live. It may sound like I was the cause of the problem but I explain my situation and my truths of the problem that this Player/ cheater caused that is why I would like to Get this player banned for Player Harassment and Threats


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