EA Support won't refund my DLC for Soldier Shortcut Kit after it doesn't work

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I am running out of options here. I purchased the soldier kit shortcut last week and have waited patiently for my weapons to unlock in game and in Battlelog. After A day I reached out to support and they made me wait a whole week and check if it still isn't working and get back to them. After I waited I reached out again and they told me that they can not issue refunds on DLC, but they can "help" me troubleshoot why it isn't working. Their advice was basically useless as they had me troubleshoot my client when the issue is on their end. They even argued with me when I said it was an EA problem because even on Battlelog which is their server it is not appearing that the kit is working. They basically had me run around in circles with useless steps to restart my computer, restart origin, etc. When the issue is their side. They won't refund me and won't fix it on their end.

In the end I just donated $30 with tax to EA and ended up getting my account banned for 3 days because they reported my emblem that I had for two years for being inappropriate.



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    someone using the "1488" in is name, is not going to get any sympathy from me.

    try to buy the shortcut again.

    if it's not working , buy another one.

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    Log out of battlelog and re-log.

    Also, I recommend changing your username.

    It is related to racism and is considered a form of hate speech, Which is a zero tolerance offence.

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