Thoughts on bfv

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  • jboyd9005
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    Looks like it needs a LOT of work - BETA is very, very rough - pretty disappointed overall.
  • Al3xDaS0uL
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    It's a lot of "meh"... needs a lot of work... will make you miss the goden age of BC2/BF3/BF4 even more than before!
  • SnakeEater221
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    Yeah thats what i think to, i dont thinks its as good as bf1 or bf4 the gun play feels weird slower, but ttk is ridiculous you dont have time to find out where your gettin shot from an your dead
  • TiMEvBoMB
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    Just played 5-6 games and I honestly can't say if I like it or hate it. The having to constantly grab ammo, health and retreating when hurt always killed any good vibe I got from playing.
  • SnoopTrooper187
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    Bf1 was Fantastic, very exciting, great soundtrack and tons of things to shoot and get shot at. After playing about 10hrs of bf5, i feel they really slowed the pace down, its annoying to new way to revive, guns feel better, graphics are nice, snipers have been toned down, but doesnt give me the feel of excitement and the feel of being involved in a large scale war. No japan, no ships , no mortars. I dont get it. You could have built from bf1 and made it even better. Its it own game Maybe many of these changes will be added on release but doubt it
  • iAmAnonymousTom
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    BFV is a massive streaming pile of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But, I expected nothing less from DICE.

    It would have been better to just get a reskin of BF1, but no, DICE is now run by people who have no experience with the franchise. All the veteran crew are long gone. But, it won't be long before DICE gets shut down for trash sales of their trash game.

    It's been fun, but this is no longer the true Battlefield.
  • BloodySky
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    Aside from the obvious, such as the bugs, overall I like the beta. Only thing I hate is the TTK. I feel they need to slow it down. The TTK is my main gripe, but it's a really big one. It basically kills my enjoyment of the beta fully.

    In most past Battlefield games, you could usually react to getting shot and maybe find some cover or gets your wits about you (realize where it's coming from, where the person is, etc.) and possibly still win the gunfight. In this, you basically stand no chance of doing anything the moment you realize you're getting shot at. Right when it registers I am getting shot, I am falling over dead a split second later. This makes fighting offensively not very fun. Who wants to spend two minutes running to an objective just to get mowed down instantly, right when you get there? Yes, I realize you're supposed to be running with your team/squad, but sometimes your team is being idiots (we've all been there when playing with randoms) and you're basically the only one trying to flank and actually take objectives. Basically makes playing without friends unbearable. At least, IMO. But I always seem to get put on the bad teams. My luck.

    I feel if they slowed down the TTK, even just a little bit, I'd enjoy the game a lot more. I always felt like Battlefield was more of a game where, if you played strategically and tactically, you could still win fights, even if someone has the drop on you. The beta feels less like that and more twitch shooter-y, kind of like Call of Duty. Just run to an objective, hopefully you don't get killed before you get there, try to find a place to hide and pray that you see them before they see you. Moment you see someone, just start spraying ASAP. I don't really like all that. I prefer running to the objective, if you get hit while running there, find some cover, regroup, think about the best way to handle the inevitable battle. Fight it out in an intense battle (even though they were slower, I felt like that made them more intense.) where maybe you'll win, maybe you won't. Usually depends on if you got out-played/out-skilled. THAT'S what I always found fun about Battlefield. Stuff like that is what separated BF from other online FPS games, IMO (that an the awesome vehicle combat, of course). But now it feels like basically every other FPS out there. Die, respawn, repeat. Not very fun to me. If I wanted that, I'd play one of the other dozen shooters out there.
  • Moon_Roxx
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    its been made so that you interact with your squad. medic engineer assault and perhaps recon. no need to run to ammo or health nodes. the grphx are smooth AF. it does have its flaws but they are noticeable and will get fixed. i have nothing bad to say because its fresh. if i wanted it to be like BF1 i would just play BF1 or BF3 ect.
    not every battle field is the same. my favorite BF is BF vietnam but you dont hear me cry wah wah its not the same.
  • RossP317
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    If I hadn't already pre-ordered (I know, I know...) I wouldn't be buying based on the Beta so far.

    The points have all been covered elsewhere but I've logged 3 hours the last 2 nights and all I can think is "Meh".

    Invisible enemies you cant pick out; Attractive yet uninspiring maps that are badly lit; Guns with little differential bar one ridiculous OP one. TTD is way too fast. A medic system that gets you shot as you revive do to being stood up. A confusing ammo system. Really no point unless you are a Assault with the twitch reaction of a cobra.

    Jumped on to BF1 for my last game (full server at 11pm BST) and was a joy in comparison.

    Edit to add - there is a real SWBF2 feel about it for me. Both in poor gameplay and sense of failed launch.
  • ninjapenquinuk
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    I'm finding the Beta OK. Like a lot of people I think the TTK is maybe a little too fast. Certainly the TTD is too fast at times. I think possibly the faster TTK is more noticeable due to other factors though. Players not knowing the maps very well and with Rotterdam at least, you never really where the enemy is or where they are coming from. I don't mean the lack of 3D spotting, though this obviously magnifies the issue, but there are so many lanes of attack to a lot of the objects. Enemy's can appear from multiple directions and a lot of times from 360 degrees, so a lot of the time you die without even knowing an enemy was anywhere near you. There also, in the few rounds ive played, seemed to be very few pitched battles anywhere on the map. The map looks huge and empty at times even with 64 players. Where as in Amiens for example you knew there were certain flags you would have proper pitched battle around and could die and re-spawn a couple times and still participate in the defense or capture of that point, in the rounds of Rotterdam i played, there were only small scale skirmishes around flags that ended pretty quick. Possibly because of the distance between the flags. Also with the TTK it doesnt help the everyone basically has a fully auto weapon now, and the STG is way OP - why DICE made it a starter weapon for the Beta i dont know.
    The maps are a little cluttered with unnecessary 'stuff'. Rotterdam for example has pigeons on the floor flapping about. It may look nice, but with the lack of spotting, you now need to rely on looking out for enemies and at longer ranges these moving pigeons are a distraction and you have to stop and check for a second or two to see if they are players or not.Boom Dead.Cheers! plus some of the map is only being generated as you approach - very old skool and hope this will be fixed.
    Overall Im enjoying it the more i learn the maps, but does need work. The health attrition is fine. I think perhaps players could do with being able to hold more max ammo. Only 3 mags for the Sten is not much, which forces you to then take risks to get more ammo - looting the dead or dashing for an ammo point, (most people are playing medic or assault) but this leads to more deaths. I think 4 mags - once totally resupplied, would be better.
  • SnakeEater221
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    To me if they just slowed the TTD some to give me a chance to react to where im being shot from it would be better, plus fix the footstep you can hardly hear any enemy footsteps at all when i played yesterday, i just feel there trying to do to much with it, revive i do not like at all, you exposed so much an with the ttd as it is reviving a squad mate is sucide, could have just let you poke um in the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ like bf1, but thats just me
  • TiMEvBoMB
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    It might be worse than BF1 and I didn't think that was possible.

    Things I hate about this game
    -Less Vehicles on big maps, Why Dice?
    -I feel like i'm searching for ammo and healing more than the enemy.
    -I camp now when my health gets low because it takes so long to build back up after a fight, Just slows the game down.
    - Why can't we choose to instantly bleedout when nobody's around?
    -Customization is terrible, I don't care about all the different weapon part skins.

    They have a ton of work to do on this game still so I guess we'll see how the final product turns out but it's not looking good IMO.
  • UnKnOwn_1628042
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    I think it needs a increase of the amount of the mag you can carry just like the alpha 2 since I've notice that some of the weapons like the m1a1 carbine, mp-40, sten and the stg-44 carries only 3 mags in total which kinda feel like you'll run out of ammo quickly unlike in the alpha 2 which is balance
  • AldirTheBlood
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    I think its the best BF since BC2. No lazy easy mode point and click mortars and from what Ive seen limited vehicle ammo. The game pace seems slower than the high speed run n gunning of BF3 and 4. The TTK is pretty close to perfect IMO.

    Add limited sprint, a skill/team based mortar that uses an actual traverse/elevation method instead of a minimap and clear up the HUD clutter on the screen and Id preorder it. Bonus points if they have a hardcore no minimap mode on official servers.
  • CPU_UK
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    Having been here soooo many times (in the past) the bugs of a new release never worry me, they will be fixed (eventually, maybe a year later LOL), but feature changes are my concerns, and these are as follows-
    1. Weapon upgrade is bad idea as eventually we will all end up with the same weapon and it will be godlike due to the upgrades.
    2. Changes to Support and Medic... why? Please, someone show me where we all said these classes sucked and needed a re-invent. The argument about "teamwork" doesn't wash as for the past decade I've played in squads that spawn with one of everything, so we've always been team players. Now we all might as well play 100% Assault and revive each other until we make the flag medic crate.
    3. The menu system: Another fundamental change to this, why DICE, why do you keep changing this, it just leads to confusion as we waste time looking for options that are now somewhere (or not there at all).
    4. Fortifications is a cool feature (DICE, you stole this idea from BF2 Project Reality you scamps).
    5. Movement still not as fluid as BF3\ 4 was, not sure it's better than BF1 if I'm honest, I'm going to give it the beta code benefit of the doubt. As it stands, it feels like a slightly inferior BF1.
    6. Spotting was something you either did (veterans) or didn't do (noobs), but I for one will mourn its passing as spotting was a tangible teamplay activity (points aside LOL).
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