An Update on Battlefield V: Feedback Thread


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    I have a lot to say about BFV so far but I'll try to keep my commentary limited to one topic at a time.

    Here, I want to talk about the depiction of the M1A1 Carbine in the game. There are at least 4 anachronisms for the WW2-era carbine in the game right now:

    1) The rear sight is adjustable rather than the fixed "flip" sight
    2) The bolt is the later "round" type rather than the "flat" bolt
    3) The barrel band is the post-war Type 3, easily identified by the bayonet lug
    4) The flash hider, while it was developed during WW2, did not see issue until after the war.

    These mistakes are all too common for the M1 Carbine in particular because the vast majority of carbines went through a retrofitting process after the war in which these parts were replaced/added, so most surviving carbines are in a post-war configuration. That means when examples are brought forward as the basis for props in movies, documentaries, or video games, they may very well have period-incorrect parts on them. Even the M1 Carbine depicted on the Iwo Jima Memorial statue in Arlington, VA, has an incorrect barrel band!

    But it's clear that somebody at EA did do some research on this matter, since the lady on the cover of the video game seems to be holding a carbine with an earlier Type 2 barrel band!

    With regards to the flash hider, since it saw development during the war I can understand keeping it in game as a customization attachment, but the default configuration of the M1A1 should have no muzzle device at all!

    My $0.02.
  • SdtLeblond1
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    Everyone is screaming for ammo all the time, u know what dice? Instead of working as a team they just go ahead and die so they can have full ammo again , this is **** screwed, i wish a refund for this scam
  • moordenaarkat
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    Do what it takes to make this game stable and load quicker that BF1 for your customers. You have a huge fan base (so far). For me...I'm out after BF1 and I don't see any compelling reason to purchase BF5. I'll stick with BF4 and Hardline until there are no more servers then I'm done. Shame 'cause I loved the series. I'll look forward to later releases but for now. Bye.
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    played the game for a few hours yesterday with a friend and 1 match today. The game has been fairly enjoyable so far but there are a few things that I either didn't understand or think need changing.
    - My friend was the squad leader but any time he opened the squad for others to join after a little while someone else would take the position of leader from him, and he couldn't figure out how to get it back. Not sure if he missed seeing a button or a vote option on that i didn't look into it myself.
    - the very bright white/blue background on the main menu of game should really be darker or adjustable. or at least make the options not white as well. white text on a white background is very very hard to see.
    - spawning with full ammo would be nice, it seems pointless to spawn with the 2 mags worth as you either spawn at a base beside an ammo crate and have to grab ammo every time you spawn. or spawn on an ally and usually 1 ally nearby is support and gives you ammo.
    - planes are very hard to control and no tutorial on how, mostly I am unsure if you have to keep scrolling the mouse to keep pulling up to turn or just move it down a bit and the guy holds down on the stick to keep pulling up.
    - last that is a gameplay issue but hardly fixable was the match I did today my team lost 0-365 because of no teamwork. I tried 3 squads through the match and everyone would watch ya get downed then finish off last enemy near and run up and over you as you lay there calling for help. This included all the medics.

    a bug me and friend came across is purchasing a specialization for a weapon or tank and sometimes it would buy it but not charge money or equip first try and fail every time after then after playing a match and going back to menu it would be equipped. Also there was no description for what the vehicle specializations do so I am unsure what the zimmerit does on the German ones as there are no magnetic mines in the game

    visual bugs Ive seen so far is in garage looking at valentine there is a cannon on the ground between its tracks under the tank. In-game climbing into the bow gunner hatch on tiger and panzer 4 the ground is fully visible and only the tracks of the tank are visible as you climb in and look down inside.

    also unsure if its a bug or my luck in the game but I unlocked up to the specialization for more accurate when standing still on the mp44/STG yet the gun in full auto seems far more accurate when moving.
  • BootlegZeus
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    Just Played. For a good 2 hours and i can say this is the 1st BattleField I will not be Buying. Feels like COD Just Stupid Things like bleed out Worm Thing, Silly Ammo Count, No spotting, Cod like time of death, (Camp Fest huge Disappointment) :( ahh what a sad day :( Edit- they took the Fun out of BattleField.... They took BattleField out of BattleField. Game just feels super slow and out of place. Tanks/planes dont work very well in this werid set up. It kinda feels like a free to play game. :( Please BattleField Gods. Fix this game it is the 1st Battlefield that is not fun... :neutral:
  • IKyrgyz
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    played for about an hour... oh god this sucks... looks like COD.... soldiers are running so weird, game crashed like 10 times, didn't even finish a single game yet... physics are terrible... soldiers are running everywhere... hard to focus on something, too many objects, why need those complicated options like bleeding, healing yourself,... just make it look like BF1 with WW2 details.. that is it... no need to make it so complicated
  • yukoniceforces
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    I'm really enjoying the beta. Some thoughts --

    - The sound design is exceptional. Whoever worked on that deserves a massive raise.
    - The limited ammo seems to work better on the Rotterdam map. You're more likely to run by some extra ammo in the urban area, and the pistol is somewhat more viable (but I would argue it needs a buff).
    - I like the health system. It feels more significant if I only damage an enemy versus in previous games.
    - The visual exposure on the Rotterdam map is too high. Sometimes it's hard to see with the high contrast.
    - Grand Operations is grand.
    - The bleedout mechanic is really annoying. Holding down R2 or L2 feels clunky (especially if I can be revived when I'm asking to bleed out).
    - It takes too long to get back into battle. Bleedout mechanic, then waiting in the menu, then waiting for my squad member to get to cover...
    - There's a lot of weight on the squad spawn mechanic, but half the time I can't spawn on them because they're in a firefight.
    - As a squad leader it's hard to set an objective. You need to be facing the capture point tag perfectly.
    - Why are squads so small? It would be nice to have up to 6 people in a squad. More people might help with the spawning issue, and thus more action happening.
    - I can't shoot the enemy claymores (or whatever oldtime-y name they have). I'm generally not a fan of trap weapons, so it's disappointing to see these in the game.
    - The lack of grenade spam and mortars is great.
    - The time to kill could be a touch faster.

    My hope for the final product is that there are more weapons and more urban maps. With every new Battlefield game, vehicles feel more forced. The infantry maps tend to be my preference (unless I can get a trailer truck from BF2 AF).

    Looking forward to playing the full game in November!
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    To be honest Im kinda disapointed with the beta, and I know its not the full release but it really doesnt feel polished, and it should be if it is supposed to be repeased in a couple months. Id actually really like it if the game was delayed 6-8 months so you can really get things right. But here is my list of concerns.

    Graphically it doesnt look as good as BF1, it just doesnt feel as detailed as previous games, Medal of Honor Airborn feels like it paid more attention to detail. I played the other day and it still looks really good, I actually prefer it to the new BFV graphics. Hud elements feel jagged and sharp too. Also the minimap should be round, having a directional radar on a square feels really wierd.

    I noticed there are doors in buildings you can enter that you cant open to the outside, even though there is no debris on either side of the door.

    The teamate comunication wheel in BF1 was perfect. The new one in the beta is oversimplified and doesnt give the range of communication availble in BF1.

    Automatic guns need more recoil.

    The gun skill tree seems kinda wierd. I dont really like it. Like its not bad but I dont care for it.

    Sprinting while crouching is kinda cool but sometimes I dont realize that Im crouching, maybe add dome kind of standing/crouching/prone position indicator.

    Having to hold down the same button to revive teamates and exchange classes can be problematic.

    Tanks feel way too weak and are a little too sluggish.

    A detail that bothered me a lot was when jumping from the cargo plane as an airborne you hook up a static line and jump and pull a chord. When jumping with a static line it is unecessary to pull a chord unless your chute fails to open. Then youd be pulling your reserve chute.

    Also why is the base medic apearance that of a pilot? I feel like the base apearances of the classes should be more fitting of their role, then just let the player mess around with the apearance.

    Bring back the old spotting system, this new one sucks.

    This one is a personal gripe. Rerun the road to BFV promotion on BF1 I missed the first 2 months and its pissing me off.

    I'll add more if I can think of or find anything else.

  • MacaqueX
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    Sgt-GBH wrote: »
    Sgt-GBH wrote: »
    glad i didnt pre order what a load of garbage

    Its far from garbage. They are circling around something good, its just not there yet.

    feel free to waste your money because i wont be the games utter rubbish just like bf1

    I have to agree this feels like huge step back from I just reinstalled bad company 2 and even it feels better than BFV and it's 8 years old. Dice screwed this up hard

    I think it is engine, new engine that they made hardline, swbfs and bf1 and now bfv.
    On PC it doesn't feel like multiplayer shooter, it feels like SP shooter idk it is hard to explain.

    I tried to bring some friends back to try bfv who were all stopped playing bf games after bf4, but they just say that it is same as starwars and bf1 or hardline and that they cant enjoy it, some of them could not play more than one game and they all have have more than 20k of hours put in bf games up until bf4.

    When u shoot someone it is like shooting sponge, there is no blood bursting when u get hs you know that melon like bursting from bf3, u cant see bullets hitting target u see cartoon-ish hit register.

    Animations are to slow, and switching to sidearm is to slow bc of unnecessary animation. They limit movement of vehicles and stationary weapons, they limit changing weapons they slow down everything, reviving, bleeding out etc
    Its like thay wanted to remove rambo style of playing and fun. And make 20 teammates capture same empty flag bc it gives so much points.

    Remember metro where everyone will just run strait to B ticket hall to get in the war, and nobody will cap cafe bar bc it is boring to cap empty flag, bfv is totally opposite whole team is capping empty A on Rotterdam for stupid points.
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    I understand it’s a Beta and the final product will look and play better, but I’ll list a few things I’ve noticed after a few hours.

    Many of times the player model arm is not displayed when reloading the KE7 while prone. What it looks like is your player model tosses the magazine toward the magazine well and it floats into the magazine well.

    When tossing Ammo Pouches to teammates sometimes the final resting spot of the Ammo Pouch will be in midair and not coming to rest on the surface.

    Picking up weapons and reviving. It would be nice to have the button which currently assigned to (x) be changed for either pick up weapon or revive? I’m not to keen being revived and getting the main weapon of the reviver because they swapped weapons possibly by mistake. I also wouldn’t want to pick up a squad members weapon by mistake when reviving them.

    Add belt fed LMG to the Beta. I’m sure we won’t see a belt fed LMG until the final release, but the LMGs we currently get access to lack in sustainable firepower. Each engagement means constant reloading which gets a little tiring.

    Add the option to upgrade your weapon while in a match. Currently only way I’ve seen to upgrade your weapon is before you join a match. You can customize in match, but not upgrading.
  • DenkenSieGross
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    "The deploy point you selected is no longer available"
    This bug I have almost every round. I can't even spawn in the base. Please fix that, I need so often to restart and can't enjoy the beta.
  • MacaqueX
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    Beta looks like pure **** to me, first of all the layout of pretty much everything looks like fortnite cocksucking **** game, also everything has been changed, i wont start mentioning everything but what the hell did you think dice? You already has the crowd for bf1 and now u all screw up with some **** new bullshits wich are ruining the battlefield community, i cant believe i wasted 100 bucks for this sham

    They took all bad mechanics from popular games but leave good ones out.
    Fornite is huge bc of streamers and it is free so little kids are playing it and it has steep learning curve, also pubg, csgo have steep learning curve and they are competitive, even tf2 have more players than all starwars and newer bfs combined and it is more competitive.
    They want to include BR mode in bfv instead of putting fun gunplay and recoil that BR games like pubg have.

    I dont like bf1 but they can at least revert bfv to bf1 bc it is same engine and keep small community that like playing bf1 around, bc i don't think that many players that like playing BF2/3/4, csgo, pubg, overwatch, fortnite will switch to bfv.

    Or they can make good single player game like D Day ww2 - Normandy, and made it similar to COD2 with nice modern graphic to attract cod players.
    If they didn't experiment and give us in beta old style BF game gunplay with Normandy map and like capturing bunkers above beach with 120 players chaos it could be totally different story now and bfv could be best game of 2018.
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    Easiest way to explain how i found the beta is that i have canceled my preorder. This will be the first Battlefield game in the last 10 years i won't be buying , you made a COD game not a battlefield game guys go back to drawing board please.
  • Kingofthehoods
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    The movements and responsiveness in gameplay is very slow. It's like running in mud. I hope they will fix that!
  • retypeNick
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    There are a lot of incomplete things in game, but for the love of god, let us interrup the animations, like Reloading.
  • Zviko0
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    Game unplayable for me right now on PS4. Random disconnects, that bug where you get disconnected but you are somehow still in a squad, stuck on respawn screen after a revive, blue screen errors.....
  • Loqtrall
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    Just wanted to point out a bug I saw cause it was hilarious. I was playing with two friends, and randomly got shot in the back.

    But when I went down, I had no HUD, couldn't call for a Medic, and nothing was happening.

    So I literally sat there staring at the ground for a good near 4 solid minutes, waiting for something to happen before I had to quit and rejoin the server.

    And then 4 minutes later BOOM - my friend walks up and is like "WHO KILLED YOU?!" and revived me. After sitting there for 4 minutes on the ground. He legit revived me and I was back up fighting after sitting "dead" on the ground for minutes.

    It was both annoying and awesome to behold.
  • Thebeau1771
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    Too easy killing the outside gunner on vehicles = insta kill almost every time

    Too much going on - too much focus on colours and graphics it’s all VERY HARD TO SEE ANYTHING - All the glare/ambiance makes it hard to see just basic things .. On the Battlefield and even in game menus ..

    FOCUS on the important things here DICE .... the beauty and picturesque of the game should be the last priority.

    Lastly, Battlefield 1 was sooo far in one direction, don’t go to far the other way. It just seems like your trying too hard , there’s no real words for it, again this is kinda relating to my last point. And what seems to be everyone else’s point to the authenticity.

    Important note : HALF OF BF1 is still in BETA or FEELS LIKE ITS STILL IN BETA...... please don’t let this Deluxe edition go to waste... The entire* Hardcore community is ticked off ALONE. Most of which are saying they won’t even bother with the game all together if HC isn’t available..

    I know it’s suppose to be constructive , and I’m really the last person to ever make a fuss. But thats how frustrating this is.
    .. and I’ve called and put through several tickets I.e. complaints, and have basically been put on the back burner for the last 2 years. Never. Even. A. Single. Response. To date.

    So, I’m sorry if I sound a little cheesed.

    P.s. I’m not the only one.

  • Birkhoff9200
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    at 1:34 you can see the enemy moving as if it were on a track
  • JohnMatrix666
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    So, after testing this POS I'd like to add some complaints to my previous list:

    - The customization/weapon upgrade system is just incredibly stupid. I can't figure out how to unlock different optics for some of the guns. Not that I'd want to because the optics pretty much suck anyway but the lack of any clear instructions just irks me. Then there are the upgrades like faster bullets etc. that don't make sense at all because they have no drawbacks and don't visually alter the gun in any way. It just magically gets faster bullets etc. Then there's having to pick a path instead of, you know, having a number of attachments with their perks and drawbacks that you could switch between according to the situation because that would be such an outlandish concept.

    - The UI froze a couple of times. The music kept blaring and the background images/animations kept changing but the menus were nowhere to be found. Had to quit the game via task manager.

    - The lighting effects are as if the devs have never seen actual sunlight and/or light to dark and dark to light transitions. If I'm in a well-lit room and look outside, I won't be blinded unless the sun is directly in my eyes. The same goes for looking into a well lit room from outside when there's daylight - there's no universe in which that creates an illusion of staring into a black hole.

    - Semi-Auto rifles for the assault make no sense. Zero reason to use them because the automatics blow them out of the water at any range. The STG as a whole is a joke in itself because of how it tends to beat any other gun at any range other than the extreme long ranges.
    at 1:34 you can see the enemy moving as if it were on a track

    That's lag. You could see players doing that in BF1 all the time.
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