Cannot Hear VOIP

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As the title states, nothing I do allows me to hear what squad mates are saying. They can hear me fine but their audio isn't being routed through my 5.1 surround sound system.

My setup uses HDMI audio. The HDMI chain consists of a 1080 Ti FTW, ASUS ROG monitor, and a Denon receiver. The Denon has full 5.1 sound enabled with 4 surrounds, 1 front-center and a sub.

I've tried enabling/disabling the speakers in the monitor to see if maybe it's being routed to a disabled device.

I've tried disabling/re-enabling the VOIP toggles and volume sliders in the game itself many times.

I've dug through the Origin client making sure VOIP is enabled there just in case.

Nothing is working and I can't find anyone with a similar problem.

All other in-game audio works and sounds great, I just never hear others trying to communicate.

I have one active audio device and one active mic. All other devices are disabled.

Testing the 5.1 surround correctly hits every speaker.

I suspect the game isn't correctly routing to the sound device but I cannot prove it and have no way of investigating it.


  • spynylcracka
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    In Windows Sound control panel in the playback tab set your default communication device to your HDMI high definition audio device.
  • research-kitchen
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    make sure it's on in game settings. And what he said ^
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