Does Attrition going to far???

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As you all notice you can have only one med pack as medic or one ammo pack as support. I suppose the thought behind that is that you are suppose get ammo from enemies, and stations, med packs from downed medics, and station etc.

I dont think its simply enough to ensure that those classes use it to benefit teammates/squadmates. i did play with few mates, going with medic/support back and forth in class roles and we all felt its just not enough of it to help others , outside of us two, or three.
Think about it- if you have one of it, what would you rather do? Give it to yourself, or give it to teammates, giving yourself no chances of survival?
Any player is selfish to certain degree, i am not surprised that supports dont throw ammo, and medics dont heal, its simply not enough of it.

I dont want to have streets littered with boxes, of course, but if I need to play my role right, i need tools to do it properly. At this point there is no need for medic, who have the same amount of med packs as anyone else picking it from the station, there is no need for support who got the amount of ammo as anyone else either.

if this game is supposed to be about teamwork, how come classes who arecore of it , are gimped down so much?? I think in alpha medics had 3 med packs isnt???


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    As a medic, you don't spend your personal health pouch on others. I never actually encountered any cooldown when giving other players a health pouch. I also never encountered a cooldown when using pouches on myself.

    That being said, I'm not a fan of the level of attrition. Imo, you should spawn in with max ammo capacity, and max pouch capacity (currently 1). The magazine count should be upped to 4, instead of 3 (spawning in with 4). So far, alpha 2 was my favourite of the bunch, in terms of attrition.

    My rationale for spawning in with max capacity being - there's never a reason not to, especially with the open beta. To avoid that objective disadvantage, I need to run over to the health depot, followed by the ammo depot. There's never a real decision tree there, it's always - I must do this.
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    I think he means the boxes.
    as far as attrition goes, do we really need another thread about it? dice already said they are looking into it.
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    There are already several threads on the Attrition system, feel free to join the conversation there.

    A Dev stated today that they are looking at possible adjustments to the Attrition system.

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