Thank your for the open beta. Saved me money!


  • jboyd9005
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    Sorry, but if you "love" the Beta - you are easy pickings for Dice/EA devs … I've got a bunch of hours, really wanted to love it, but mostly either bored to tears or frustrated to death. I endorse virtually all the issues mentioned much earlier - have played them all for hundreds of hours - got 25 plus here and even after the basic learning curve; haven't seen anything other than some really great graphics. They got my money on faith, will probably try to final - but only to see a few new maps. Really too bad, since BF1 was such a great success.
  • MayorMarionBarry
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    It has really grown on me.

    In fact, when I go back to BF1, I find myself wishing that the gun mechanics were similar to BFV.

    I agree about the forced team work thing, though.

    Our enjoyment of a game should not depend on the cooperation of random clown shoes.

    Getting a revive or ammo is already hard enough in BF1.
  • beviol
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    I wanted to love it and didn't. Big fan of almost all BF titles.
    BFV was basically just first one to see the other guy and shoot wins. This did not feel like a strategic FPS as they had hinted in the previews. This felt more like an arcade shooter COD type game.
    Needless time wasting delays and animations. I would throw a grenade, think, huh, never worked, and what felt like minutes later it exploded. So dumb. Vehicle exit/entrance slow as mud. Scoping took forever. Bleeding out took forever and I had to use my worn out finger instead of space bar. I hated it all. Being annoyed with needless keystrokes and mouse clicks really makes me not want to play a game. Respawn staring at close up of a squad mate was annoying as heck as I had to then click needlessly on map to see screen that should have been the default. Who thinks up these things???? So much extra clicking, time delays, etc. This RUINED it for me. The weapon stats were stupid too. TTK was stupid easy with assault. Sniper worthless and I don't even like sniper but my goodness, it was awful. Inaccurate and nerf gun bullets. Revive system felt clumsy. Grenade launchers that barely dented your helmet. Come on... a little realism plz. Spotting was bad. Who cares about support building stuff in predetermined places. Gimicky. I really didn't like anything about BFV. It did not even feel like a social game. No interactions with players anywhere. What a terrible experience. However, I did just save $79. Thank you for that!! Someone has to enjoy the game... but it sure was not me.

    esqueceu de falar das vestimentas ridiculamente steampunk quando eram para ser de WW2 kkkkkkkkk jura? E 0,29% dos participantes da ww2 eram mulheres, então porque adicioná-las ao jogo? Não me chamem de machista, só estou dizendo que esse jogo é um insulto aos veteranos de guerra e tudo mais...
  • L0rd-AUT
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    what happened to large maps? what happened to bases where you could lift off with a plane, pick up various vehicles.

    all gone and replaced with cod style maps, run and gun, selfhealing medpacks, norecoil stens and stgs.

    common, weapon upgrades for credits?, locked talenttrees, FASTER BULLETS. WTF

    remove faster bullets upgrade and make it baseline. sniping feels awful compared to stgs which is WunderWaffe.

    Slow down movementspeed. medpacks on higher cooldown. more recoil to weapons.
    remove ammo crates, give 8 magazines on spawn. let us scavenge ammo from dead dudes + support.
    larger maps with bases. more vehicles.

    srsly you tried to reinvent battlefield and made CoD Deathmatch

    i'd rather have a BF1942 Remaster
  • crabman169
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    Been playing for 35 hours so far and it's such a great game!
    i won't go back to BFBC2 that's for sure

    Another new member with glowing reviews. "Such a great game" Lol

    Yeah because it must be impossible for anyone to actually like the game if you don't right?

    Jesus christ......

    Its the "I'm cool because I don't like something and have to tell everyone everywhere that fact".

    I mean the best example right now besides bfv is fortnite. People post on anything fortnite related and completely trash on the game because they don't like it. I don't get it; trying to seek approval from strangers on the internet? Seems kinda sad to me constantly seeking out someone you apparantly hate to bring down.

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    At the first B day like all others, I had some problem, next days you change something in graphic and gameplay, we learn to play together in team and now WE LOVE IT, you build a war simulator game GREAT!!

    4 people in a squad isn't enougth, was better like in BF1 where are 5, "2 Assault 1 doctor 1 support and 1 sniper"

    A Platoon have more than 4 people, we need to know where are other members on minimap, IT'S IMPORTANT!!
    Dark green for team
    Green for Platoon
    Blue for Alleyes
    Red for Enemies
  • KriZ_Rul3Z
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    Well OP, I think I agree with everything you've said. Though I still won't cancel my preorder, and HOPE that things will improve. There's a lot of work to be done, that's for sure. But it's not impossible to fix.
  • Shadders_X
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    I played an hour and 30 minutes. Current thoughts so far :
    1. The ability to move around the map is great - jump onto a boat, in the water, and onto the bank or climb a ladder - smooth action - no glitches - makes it more realistic.
    2. The guns are ok - tried assault and support - seemed to be ok.
    3. Ok - the downsides. Graphics are cartoony or like an arcade game - too bright in colours in many places.
    4. Difficult to see the opponents - only through movement can you see people, and then difficult to see if they are on your side or the other - the visual perspective (distances, size of players etc) of the game seems odd.
    5. Minor point - they swapped the buttons around from BF4 - not sure if they can be customisable.
    6. Movement is very sluggish in places - turning around because you hear footsteps behind you is too slow - and every time i end up dead. I thought about changing the sensitivity - but then all actions will have been accelerated - so sensitivity customisation is not granular enough.
    7. The actions such as picking up, giving ammo is extremely counter intuitive. Unnecessarily complicated.
    8. The crouch and go prone, which is on a button now (coming from BF4) is a pain - it interrupts fluid gameplay - if you want to react immediately then all controls for the player should remain on the joysticks, NOT all player controls for movement on the joystick, and they just happen to put one on the buttons. Stupid idea.
    9. It seems that you can destroy the ammo or health supply points, permanently. Crap idea.
    10. The maps so far, visual perspective, and mechanics design, makes this game predominantly run and gun, and a strategic and slow approach will get you killed quicker.
    11. Spotting - i am not sure it works - all i hear is the statement that there is a problem over there when i use it. I did not see anyone tagged, or appear on the mini map.
    12. As per the the game strategy, you either run and gun, or hide yourself in a corner with camping, to get kills without being killed.
    13. Did not see any gadgets - which is a good thing.
    14. Not sure if aim assist or aim snap is being provided, since it was not evident on my gameplay.
    The game is fun as it is free, but i would not pay for the game. The arcade/cartoon feel, visual perspective, and mechanics including button press design (PS4 circle to crouch, go prone), does not make an immersive experience.

  • Mackstan71
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    InnerD wrote: »
    That's nice. Fan boys are great for the franchise. Keep on trucking.

    as per dice "don't like it don't play it"

    But first...don't buy it.
    Best line ever
  • mav_smileyface
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    Think I’m rank 16 now, I am enjoying it.. but in a masochistic kinda way.. I play solo don’t really have any friends to play with so I do my best to help what ever random group I’m running with.. I would class myself as a battlefield vet coming from Vietnam.. I think 7/10 times I die it’s usually from behind above or some position to the side.. now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but players will lose patience with that I think Rotterdam is the most open city map I’ve ever played.. I get genuine anxiety catching C..

    I like BFV but.. that’s only because they don’t make em like Vietnam anymore
  • CaptainNoobcakes
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    Woah op you are so edgy bro! whats your twitter and twitch i wanna be your follower!
  • pest174
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    InnerD wrote: »
    lol i've played it for 17 hours already and am having a blast. I guess this game just wont be for you.

    Wow all these recent accounts who just joined the forum all have glowing reviews and exp of the game." Having a blast" "Best BF ever" etc. Lol. Almost like EA wrote this themselves...

    In under 15 mins, I've read you using this similar joke (a joke you ripped from someone else) and spam it in 3 or 4 other topics. Give it a rest already.
  • Lehnz
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    Played several hours, just asked gamesplanet for a refund. This is the first battlefield i skip.
  • FPSgamer69
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    It reminds me of CS. It is fast and cartoony.
    Hit detection for me is bad in the beta. I shoot first and lots from 2 meters..still get killed.
    I hoped sniping would be more difficult, but i mainly see snipers leading on no1 position with 60+ kills.
    Not my game. A pity.
  • doctorrocktor
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    Thanks for the info. I thought you were having such a blast playing? Why are you here posting? I love forum plants.

    Bye already
  • Shadders_X
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    edited September 2018
    Just had another 3 to 4 hours playing.
    The Narvik map :
    So open, that once many of the buildings are damaged - constantly sniped. If you are on the railway side - constantly sniped.
    Before the buildings are destroyed, it is difficult to hear the enemy - to the point that they make no noise.
    The contrasts used in the buildings for dark places - cannot see anything.
    For the contrast and colours used in the map, and the view and size of the opponents, cannot see players at all, unless they move.

    The Rotterdam Map :
    Significantly less open than Narvik. Sniping an issue on the railway side of the map.
    This map does provide a sound indication that there are people close - so you can use this as a strategy to be aware of enemies are in the vicinity.
    The colours and contrasts used - besides being arcade/cartoon type, are so poor that only movement allows you to see the opponents with any degree of probability and accuracy.

    General :
    The size of the opponents and the colours/contrasts used make this game much less enjoyable. The view from your player seems to be myopic - everything seems to be at a distance. Even close opponents look small.
    To ensure you are not killed - you need to camp, but this only works on Rotterdam map as Narvik is predominantly run and gun.
    Snipers - i never was able to determine where they were. The lack of notifying you of the position means you will always be sniped, and people will use this class prolifically. There does not seem to be a downside - no lens flare to give you away, and as per Narvik, snipers paradise. Rotterdam less so due to the obstructions, but still no giveaways.
    The revive is a pain, since very little people bother - they just step over you, and the time to accelerate the death is still too slow - there needs to be an instant cancel for this. What happened to the ability to drag the person to another place and then revive ?
    Spotting - it never worked for me - nothing to indicate that you spotting has tagged the player.
    No verbal communication. But this is the same ever since DICE introduced squads.
    Squads - still a crap idea - people who want to work together will do, people who don't even when placed in a squad, will ignore the squad. Squads just isolates everyone from everyone else.
    I play on a 1080p plasma TV. So the dark contrasts are good - yet game lighting is extremely poor in many places. One of the issues seems to be that the text on the screen is designed for a person playing a PC close to the monitor - i am 10 to 12 feet away from the 42inch TV. Not just this game - but others are similar.

    I did see a gadget which was night vision scope ??? - so, will this be an exaggeration of what was actually available in WW2, just so DICE can add gadgets ??? (remember BF4 had FLIR, could see through smoke, so DICE then stopped that real physical property of the FLIR and also added near invisibility to FLIR as the LA Camo - stupid ideas. FLIR is combated by flares - no need for unreal gadgets/ideas).

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