My wish for the next battlefield game in 2020. BF5 Modern Warfare.

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The Game should be modern day in the near future like 2 years or so. The main factions should be like in BF3 and BF4 the USA and the Russian Federation. They should get only there own equipment at the release and later when new factions are added there will come new weapons out. The Scenario should be a WW3 with many new factions joining the war. In the base game the war takes place in Europe and later there are new regions of the world added like the Middle East and Asia.

Favorite maps should be added into the game like Oporation Metro was added to BF4 from BF3. There should be many unique places added like Paris, Berlin, East Ukraine, Kiev, Moskau, Brest, Italy, Balkan and Finnland. In the first mounths after the release they should add new smaller factions like GB, France, Germany or Italy. They will bring new vehicles and weapons. The weapons can only used by allies so US cant use Russian weapons only french, german or british.

Later there should the Middle East free DLC come out were Russia is fighting against the NATO. Another Location can alos be the Caucasus where the NATO tries to enter Russia through Armenia and Georgia. After the Middle East update there should come out the Aisa update with new factions added like China, South Korea, Japan and Australia. The Battles should take place in North and South Korea maybe a secound Metro map in the deep metro of PjongJang, in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and more south. Each faction will bring new gear and Russia can use all weapons after they unlock from China. In the different updates other weapons from the Soviet timeperiode can be added, that you can modify andthen you have a modern looking AKM with a rale system and so on. The customazation should be like in Escape from Tarkov or BF4.

There should be unrealsitic weapons or to old weapons like an Mosin Nagant added.

The french update will bring french armoured vehicles, belgian SCAR H and L, P90, french Famas and so on. The german update will bring the Hk416, G3A3, P228, USP, MG3, MG4, M417, MP7, MP5s, Leopard 2 and other vehicles, and maybe also the austrian AUG. I think it is great having small updates with equipment from different factions then haveing a update with weapons from all the world. There can also be more small updates with other Nato factions like CZ Republic or Canada that bring their own equipment with them.

What do you think?

I have also an idea of a BF in the late 80s with the Cold War becoming a hot war. Locaded in East and West Europe, Caucasus, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, China, and the USSR. There the small and big updates would be the same with a big China and Asia update and small updates with adding factions with own weapons like the Australian, the GDR and BRD (East and Westgermany). Chechoslovakia, Poland, France, GB, Hungary and so on.


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    that will be GREAT.
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    yeah good one. I would like to see a battlefield game about the war on terrorism. play as a spy, a uniformed police officer... and of course a soldier.

    there will be controversy probably but I guess electronic arts could be respectful about it to try and ease tensions.
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