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A functional suggestion on cheating reports

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This is a post that uses Google Translate. If you encounter grammar problems, please don't mind :)
The servers I connect to are mainly located in Japan/Hong Kong/Singapore in Asia. The server here often encounters some highly destructive scammers because of too many players. However, many players find it difficult to report these scammers, so everyone finds that there is only one way to vent. If you can, can you make a function like "Report List"?
For example, I reported a player, I can use this feature to check the DICE detection results on this player, so players can realize that DICE does have anti-cheating. [Although the game’s built-in anti-cheat is really bad]


  • parkingbrake
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    One thing they finally got right in PUBG is sending messages that confirm that a reported player has been suspended for investigation or has been banned. It's kind of nice to know that a cheater will have to buy a new account, it's better than getting no response and wondering if reporting does any good at all.
  • BetaFief
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    on all honesty I think DICE/EA made a massive mistake around the launch of either Bad Company 2 or BF3 for the PC.
    That mistake was trying to "automate" everything (via anticheat measures like fairfight, and other statistics-based systems), rather than attempting to copy/mimic what Valve was doing around the same time (IE: the VAC network/system).

    I say this partially because I think Valve's anticheat measures are far better for PC gamers (primarily because they don't interfere with modding capabilities) and it's "good enough", for most games, especially when coupled with Admins and/or vote-kick systems.
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