Team Balancing, spawn with no weapons, touch a tree branch and plane blows up.

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I'm still surprised that after this long, dice still cant get things done properly. Whoever thought that the team balancing thing was a good idea to do during the game is a complete idiot! It does nothing to promote team play because if youre in a good squad playing together, you get moved to the other team and just completely ruins everything! Not to mention that there have been way too many times when I spawn with or without a vehicle, and no weapons or there is a major delay before I see anything, how the hell is this still going on!? Not to mention I've barely skin a tree and the whole plane goes up in flames wtf!? How can they even work on another game when he current one is still broken? Ive seen it happen to the opposing team and I even felt bad for them! Lastly, the ridicules amount of time it takes for vehicles to respawn. Anyone else having these pathetic problems as well?
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    If bf1 would be perfect why should you buy bfv?
    Auto balancing is just broken.
    The plane stuff happens to me sometimes,but its rare.
    Vehicle spawntimes arent a problem imo,but im not a vehicle least not in bf1. But if you destroy a tank and it comes back 30 secs later,why should you even destroy it? They need a long respawn timer. The fast vehicle spawn servers you often saw in bf4 are the worst thing.
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