Is BFV chasing PUBG and Fortnite



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    I will say I am sick to death of longstanding FPS games being marketed as easy for beginners. This is driving me nuts every gaming company the last decade Screams yes our game was made for people who have no idea how to hold a controller
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    Battlefield is a great game. They should not head in the direction off these 2 stupid boring games that doesn't encourage working as a team. Battlefield doesn't need to copy them. Battlefield 1 was perfect when it added operations which made the games more interesting. They were long matches but engaging and fun to play on.
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    BetaFief wrote: »
    BetaFief wrote: »
    the problem with BF:V-BR is that it's attempting to chase after trends like BR, rather than creating the tools/environment necessary for starting them.

    By which I mean stuff like "Mod support", "editors", etc.. for the PC version at least.
    Because no matter the number of server options DICE attempts to have, they're always quite limiting in terms of what they can actually change.

    To put all of this another way: EA/DICE's efforts in a BR mode would've been better spent on replacing/upgrading their (allegedly vulnerable) back-ends and anti-cheat-systems so modded servers could be run. (There's no reason that really holds up to scrutiny for them not too).

    The days of editors and mod support are over never to return. The best explanation for this is that the Microsoft and Sony certification processes would never permit it unless it was something like Halo Forge, and I doubt that EA would open that option only to PC. I'm sure there are also unknown security concerns with those old editor and mod tools as well so EA is not likely to embrace them on any level today. The absolute best we can hope for is a robust RSP program that rivals the abilities that we had with Procon and Rcon so communities can make a big comeback in future BF titles.

    I'm sorry but most of what your saying doesn't make sense to me...
    Firstly DICE/EA had the CTE for BF4 as something exclusive to the PC version; I could easily see them do the same with an early form of mod support for frostbite;

    Secondly the more modest aspect of what I'm proposing has almost everything to do with "server access" and "anti-cheat". In other words mod support in an extremely crude sense. (Basically "you don't need to emulate networks or reverse engineer servers using the singleplayer of the game as a basis"-tier of mod support).

    When one says mod tool and editors historically that meant that we could do things like create maps, create or change assets, alter game files etc. EA won't ever allow that kind of freedom again due to security concerns and wanting to control the game play experience and have a unified game play experience across platforms which would exclude any possible exceptions for PC where those tools would be most used..

    What I'm saying is that this is the wrong direction though; That their measures in trying to ensure "security"; and a "Unified Gameplay Experience Across Platforms" come at the cost of a lot of initiative and flexibility. Because, yes I know that EA/DICE seem entirely immovable on this issue; but frankly I think it just doesn't make sense

    to go back to my original statement; rather than spending the time and money attempting to merely chase whatever gaming trends are hot (Battle Royale, 5v5 "competitive", etc. ); they should be trying instead to enable the environments/communities that can start them. The simplest way to do this (in a "minimum required effort sense") is to take advantage of the already existing frostbite mod community (it's small, but it exists, even made itself editors and other software tools), and remove the biggest things hampering it's expansion; namely issues regarding the anticheat and the issues regarding server access.

    The idea of settling for a BF3 or BF4 like setup again certainly is modest, but I think if we're going to ask EA or DICE to reassess their decisions we should at least aim "bigger"/"higher".
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