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Isn't it time that companies like DICE start outsourcing content and focus on the game itself ?
Imagine the potential of opening up their game content development to outsiders, where they are coordinating the efforts, integrating everything, keeping the Tides of War marching forward, etc, but hoards of independent shops around the world are focused on building city maps, cosmetics, guns, vehicles, and all the rest .. imagine how huge those worlds could be, how rich, and full of interesting content ...
I think the game developer who finds a way to open up their development to other content creators will be the one who takes over the industry. It'll be the one that creates an open world environment that is so huge, so expansive, so full of interesting content, stories, etc, that they take over the virtual world.


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    Firestorm says hello.
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    Firestorm says hello.

    Well ... yeah, true. :D

    And you're right, that is kind of what I mean ... but I mean more like in the main game, where outsiders are creating small maps, etc, for the main game. Tides of War is the perfect kind of environment for something like that .. because they could be side maps from the main storyline, little side maps, small rewards, etc, that DICE wouldn't have to worry so much about if they failed to deliver, they just wouldn't include it.
    Imagine a small shop doing something like creating a little German village that Tides of War had as a side map for one of their assignments for a few days, that kind of thing.
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    That costs money we all know EA won't waste money unless it's Snoop Dogg or that annoying compulsive liar red coat from CNN
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    DLC is usually sourced to other dev studios under EA and I wouldn't be surprised if that is the same here.
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    I really hope DICE LA stays away from this game.
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