Post Your Reasons Why You Are Playing Less


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    @xenome111 lol yes I am from the future where they have just reinvented the pre-game lobby...

    Cool let me come with u in the time machine so I can create havoc in ur world.
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    I feel like some of the... potential console ideas have ruined the game. For instance snipers haveing a 0hk at certain distances.. if there are a group of people on the server that know how to exploit it a small group of snipers can easily win the game, coupled with terrible spawn points and gracious hit boxes... it turns into a shitshow. I'm on PC btw.
    And lately EVERY server I joined stacked to **** and one side is losing horribly. I think thats partially due to the gracious hit boxes and once one side starts losing its easy to get stuck on one flag and getting farmed basically, people leave, then the teams get more stacked...
    Then tanks.. that sit away from danger and farm kills... with precision firing where you can easily pin point your targets.
    I'm curious about how this game plays on consoles, I'm wondering if the degree of sloppiness created by controllers will help the flow of battle a little bit.

    Nope it doesn't help.....ps4 player...

    Same on Xbox with exception to the cheating

    Cheating? Sure
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    No need to necro a thread after 1+ year. Locked.
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