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Everything that is wrong with BFV

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BF1 was the first FPS shooter I've ever played on console, and it absolutely blew my mind. After about 1,000 game hours I realized how much I've learned about this wonderful game.
I waited enthusiastically for BF V, and when I got it, it felt weird. I told myself I'd get used to it, and now after putting in about 30 hours, I can only say with great sadness that the game is not good.

For the love of god I don't understand why DICE took the mechanics they've carefully developed and polished for 2 years and threw it to the garbage, replacing it with gameplay mechanics that makes it feel like an unfamiliar game.

I understood that DICE checked the changes they wanted to implement in the Alpha, BUT – what's good for the top 0.001% of players isn't necessarily what's good for average players.
To be honest, if BF V was the first FPS I've played I would quit after an hour and never return.

Here is my list of everything that is wrong in BF V :

- Game speed is too fast and too "arcady". It feels like COD, with people jumping all over the place and "AD" strafing looking unrealistic and frantic.

- TTK is ridiculous. For a new player is a Spawn-Die hell. I don't care what the top players say, the slower TTK enabled the formation of strategy, where you could get shot yet escape and decide how to re-approach the enemy.

- Weapon imbalance (KE-7 is too strong, medic weapons too weak).

- Recon class is ruined – without a "Sweetspot" and inflicting only 55 damage with long loading times, I'm better off putting a scope on a M1A1 Carbine, it's more efficient, hence there is no reason to play recon.

- Medic class is ruined – since anyone can revive the specialty of the medic is gone, plus the weapons need a serious power upgrade.

- Settings do not match BF1 – tried putting the same values for sensitivity but it doesn't feel the same.

- Footsteps are non existant!!!! What a shambles.

- Where is the satisfying "cling" sound when you get kills. I miss it.

- Player movement was better in BF1.

I'm sorry, I don't get it. BF V is not satisfying. After 30 hours I went back to BF1 to compare, and had SO MUCH FUN I couldn't stop, and suddenly remembered why I put in 1,000 hours in this game.
It could have been SO good, if DICE would have just used the exact mechanics from BF1 and continued to develop on it.

DICE, please! Fix the game! This is not about money, I actually preferred the PREMIUM PASS method, don't mind paying more for quality content. I just want to enjoy battlefield again


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    -no smoke grenades for support

    -can't join friends game unless they have an empty spot in their squad

    -4 man squads suck

    -can't switch to opposite team unless friends invite you to their squad

    Seriously, why do game companies constantly try to "reinvent the wheel" when they should just take what they already had that people liked and expand off of it??

    Then again, I wanted the new battlefield to be in Vietnam, but I guess that would've taken more time to make and they couldn't have reused assets from bf1.
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