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4 cheaters in 1 game and then server crashed. Good job FairFight / EA DICE

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Just played a conquest game in Narvik and it was freaking hilarious. EU server

Cheater number 1.. F flag respawned me behind a wall in the middle of nowhere. I was completely covered. I didnt move nor shoot. A dude started shooting at my wall from across the map. I kept crouching still behind covers to get out of there and dude still tracking me and shotting me. Then of course killed me. As a medic i couldnt answer fire considering the distance. Multiple times the same stuff.

Cheater number 2.. Area with the houses. Entered one of those houses from the backdoor oriented towards the out of border, silently. Stopped 3 seconds inside a room to scratch my balls. There were no doors or windows in that room. A dude was inside another house 200 metres away, started shooting at me and killed me. His bullets went through his own house, my house, the other rooms of the house. Penetrated like 5 or 6 walls. Funny because the kill cam shown he was in a room like mine, with no doors or windows. Camping. And yet he spotted me and killed me thru a moltitude of walls lol. Killed me 5 times this way.

Cheater number 3... MP40 with 90000 bullets per second rate of fire. In a second he killed 5 dudes of my team that were nearby and all oriented towards him ready to shoot. Im a medic, i know very well how MP40 shoots even at full auto mode.

Cheater number 4... i was at the edge of the border, in a corner. Behind some kind of high snowy ditch that covered me completely. I had to blow my nose so i stopped there. A dude out of nowhere started running towards me with the weapon aiming my direction. I was invisible. And then killed me. Later on he magically spotted me in other areas of the map.

After 5 minutes from the beginning of the game, i was already 1-15. Called the dudes out in chat, of course they denied like cheaters always do. Not even the time to resume playing, one of them headshotted me with me behind 3 smoke grenades thown by my team mates LOL.

1-16 at this point.

Twenty seconds later the server crashed.

Joined domination, map Arras. A medic dude was 60-5. Killed me twice or three times behind walls. I Kept playing. Towards the end of the match he was going to kill me again, but when he was shooting me he magically disappeared. Disappeared from the server. Checked the leaderboard and he was gone lol. Kicked by Fairfight perhaps who knows. I dont think he left on purpose because at that moment he was shooting me. Or his hacks made him crash who knows.

Anyway, [removed] this game. and good job FairFight. Always number 1 anticheat on earth.

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    Developers do not care about cheats. They have your money so why do anything about them? I also have heard theories that the developers are the one's who sell the cheats to make money on the side.
  • WittmannBaron
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    All the garbage in BF1 has moved to BF5, dice did nothing and now they nerfed the whole game. Doomed!
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