BF1 and other Frostbite Games Crashing 5-10 minutes, but only in MP

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edited December 2018
Buddy of mine has a brand new, fresh install of Windows 10 at v1803. He has an i7 3770 with an RX 580 and BF1, BF5, and SW BF2 all crash ONLY when playing Multiplayer after about 5 to 10 minutes. He can play SP fine, and every other game on his system runs fine as well. It's like only the Frostbite games crash on him and then only when playing MP.

I've read into the suggestion to uninstall KBs, however there is no KB4284835 to uninstall as that is now baked into 1803. The other suggested KB from before May 2018 also is NOT available to uninstall.

Any ideas what else to tell him to try?


  • Bacardiiiiiiiiii
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    Maybe firewall blocking something.
    What all kind programs he have on background ? Should close all them.
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