Help me - what am I doing wrong? Gameplay video

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I've sunk at least 12 hours into bf1 and I still on average get a k/d of 0.36. I think my biggest problem is in regards to aiming so I've spent some time on empty servers practicing on statues and tweaking the controller settings, but I'm still only making marginal improvements.

At the moment my main controller settings are:
Stick Sensitivity 20%
Zoom Sensitivity 100%
Aiming Acceleration 0%
Right Stick:
Centre Deadzone 3%
Axial Deadzone 3%
Max Input Threshold 80%
USA Coefficient 133%
Auto Aim Rotation On
Auto Aim Slow Down Off

See the video below. It isn't the greatest example but hopefully something jumps out. There were some "unlucky" deaths in regards to airplanes.

Any advice would be appreciated.


  • ksdff
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    Set your stick and zoom sensivity to the same, about 50% to start. Gradually move them up as you get use to it but try and keep them the same. I started on 50% for both, now use 95% on both.

    However I don't think your settings are the real issue here. Your movement is very erratic, your not checking corners, anticipating which directions enemies are approaching, your running around without any sense of purpose.
    You got killed a couple of times by guys that were right next to you but you didn't spot them.

    Try slowing things down, be very mindful of your surroundings, let your aiming reticle follow your eyes. Don't be looking at one part of the screen whilst your aim is somewhere else. Think there is an enemy to your right, make sure your aim is pointing that way.
    Try to keep close to cover, that way if you take fire you can get out of the way. Don't be running around like a headless chicken, check the area, if clear move forward a bit then check again.
    Try to keep closer to your teammates so you can get healed/ammo.
    Learn the maps, be clever and stay out of hot zones, flank where you can and take the enemy by surprise.
    Use a headset to hear footsteps.

    It is a steep learning curve at first. I was a noob to the game this time last year, now I come top of most games with 4-5 kdr generally. Took me about 3-4 months to really start improving. Keep practising and I'm sure you'll get there.
  • hellfire_cthulhu
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    The video is short but I'll try, I have almost 1200 hr played on BF1, don't care much about your KD, even less if you play Conquest. You can still be at the top of the board with a KD lower than 1.00, saw it multiple times. This game and Conquest in particular, you can have less than 15 kills and a 1.00 KD (or even lower) and be at the top 5 at the end of the round. In other words: PTFO.
    But keep in mind that the deaths affects the tickets of your team (captured flags + kills), so the more the other team kill your team the more tickets they get, I've won games with more points from kills than captured flags. Is not that important to me the KD, but still can affect the final result.
    So, as you can see, there is some kind of contradiction. I won't and don't wanna enter into that discussion.
    Minor advice, if you hold options you can see the scoreboard, no need to pause the game.
    The video is too short, but I wouldn't recommend that gun for close quarters combat, it has a lot of recoil compared to others in the assault class and a bi pod, if you like shooting from the hip try something the MP18 trench. I don't play much as assault, can't give you some good advice here. The gun you're using in the video, can't remember the name now, to me is more for mid range, not good for close combat.
    Try to find a squad with 4 people and stay with them, you can go lone wolf, but it requires more experience.
    Maybe try other classes other weapons, vehicles maybe?.
    Maybe turn on the aim assist until you get more experience.
    To prove my point, you can play full PTFO or full COD style, this picture I think is a good example (Conquest on Argonne Forest):
    The scoreboard at the end of the round:
    1st: 14 kills 3 deaths - 13465 score (as medic the whole time)
    2nd: 67 kills - 12 deaths - 13082 score (assuming assault the entire round, can't speak for others)
    same case with 3 and 4.

  • b2tchwood
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    Thanks for sharing. After watching 1st things first, if you’re going to play Infy make sure you are in an Infy squad. Playing solo is tough in this game and that’s all I saw there.

    In terms of gun play, increase your sensitivity a little and decrease your ADS sensitivity. You are playing way to aggressive for a low hip fire sensitivity and your ADS control out of control. When you go violently from one side of an enemy to the other trying to get on target, it’s too high.

    Love the PTFO passion but do t head straight for the middle of the flag on your own, way too many angles to cover.

    I’m thinking you’re looking at your minimal too much as a few enemies darted past you without you noticing, break the habit, try not to look at it on the move. On that point try get a decent headset, I was hearing those guys around you before you were and I’m on my phone, the difference is massive.

    Aside from that it’s a case of experience and playing smarter. Try to ADS more, get better control of your sticks and make movements smoother. You have to control the weapon by keeping it on target, adjusting for your movement whilst controling recoil. It’s a lot to take in.

    I suggest trying TDM to hone gunplay skills and then keep going back to CQ to perfect them.

    You’re doing great, keep at it, just a case of practice makes perfect.
  • mollyfrank1
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    plus there a lot of suss players. shot one in the head tonight no damage. another fired over my head but head shot. **** ****
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  • Daytonaflyer
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    I see absolutely nothing wrong with your gameplay. BF1 has horrible TTD, just like BFV does. I suffer the exact same problem when I play infantry in BF1. The only way I can get a positive KDR is by playing in vehicles.
    A friend of mine experiences the exact same problem in BF1, and we were both in the top 70 players in the world for Battlefield Bad Company 2. It's probably not you, it's the game. If you want to have a lot more fun, and get more kills, get in some tanks, airplanes, and horses. Stay away from infantry.
  • Niila138
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    I strongly suggest you switch Aim Assist Slowdown ON. Auto rotation is your choise. I have auto rotation OFF. If you have it like you do now, you should get snapped to target but won’t be able to do slight adjustments easily without over-aiming and shooting all over the place.
  • Niila138
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    Also want to say that don’t worry. 12 hours isn’t much. I played with a really bad k/d for hundreds of hours. I now have played 800+ hours and my K/D is still negative (0.97) although these days I usually average a K/D of around 2.0...2.5 (in a session). I was a total noob to fps games and battlefield and wasn’t much of a gamer before I got this game and a PS4 for christmas from my fiance in 2016. So first i couldn’t hold my own but nowadays I get MVP every now and then, almost always in TOP 5 in my team etc so I progressed and you most likely will too, just keep playin. And try not to rage as much as I do 😁 (sorry about that, if someone here has been raged to by me)
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  • Niila138
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    A couple of tips based on the video.

    1). In the beginning when you are trying to cap C flag and in the corner you often have your crosshair pointed at a concrete wall. The enemy will not come through the wall so try pointing your gun at a door or a window or some other opening. That’s where the enemy will come from.

    2.) If you spot an enemy running past you without noticing you, let them pass and get behind them and only fire after you got them in your sights aiming down sight. If they stop maybe even melee kill. That way you wont give away the info that you are there by missing and letting them shoot you, which happened in the video.
  • Niila138
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    Also try connecting to internet with a cable, not WI-Fi and play on servers in your region. This could help with latency issues (you have those orange and red symbols popping up on the right side of your screen)
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