This Week in Battlefield V

Cyber Damage Incorporated Is Recruiting!

Cyber Damage Incorporated is a multi-title gaming community open to everyone in NA and EU. As a community, we strive to become the best and most friendly, non-toxic community on Discord. We invite you to play all kinds of games together, encourage you to participate in our community events, and enter win any of the giveaways we host! So what are you waiting for?! Come and join us today!

What can you expect from joining Cyber Damage Incorporated?


Despite coming from a variety of regions, backgrounds, and ages, our members treat each other with dignity and respect – no drama, flame wars, or pushing of political ideology that affect anyone’s ability to meet new people will be tolerated.

We are a multi-title gaming community. We encourage all of our members from any title who are interested in being part of our gaming family to apply.


Being “active” in a community is not the same for everyone. We encourage you to be as active as possible, but do not expect anyone to be active 24/7.


As a community, we take listening and assisting our members very seriously. Our staff is here to assist with anything you may need! Please contact us with any thoughts, questions, and/or concerns!

Here is our Discord Invite:

To not only grow together and reach power that we hope to gain, but to assist our fellow members in getting there too. We will reach the endgame and strive to maintain the luster of the content.
We strive to become the best and the most friendly, nontoxic community on Discord!
We strive to become #1 as successful, helpful, and supportive community!


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