What's it going to take....

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This is getting ridiculous From the loading into empty servers from the constant infinite load screens what is it going to take to get these game companies to with these products that are buggy messes no other industry has this type of BS where their product doesn't work when you buy it.

This is not a Beta it's not in test phase it's a full fledged product that does not work half the time. Imagine buying a car where the starter doesn't work 50% of the time.

Why are game companies able to get away with this. These are core functions that should be tested before the game comes out. Especially on consols since there's no variety in their hardware and software their set standards no more excuses of were trying to configure for thousands of different computers.

And it's not like these empty servers are even being filled I sat 20 minutes and not one other player joined. Or being stuck in a infinite load screen every other game. Having to leave group with people I'm playing with only not to be able to re join because their servers full or they after completely leave or I have to sit there for huge amounts of time in que and then the next game someone else in our party gets infinite load screen. This is basic stuff That quality control should have picked up. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent and earned and yet we can't get a simple stable product.
I'm almost shocked that these companies are being inundated with lawsuits after this type of BS is happening year after year.

What's gonna take for these companies to start taking the time to test their products and not releasing them in broken States knowing later they're gonna fix them while we have to suffer through their incompetence.

Loading the next map should not be a crapshoot.


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    That isn't how you properly use an ellipsis.
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    It will only stop when we stop buying the games. I only bought BF V because I play on console and want to play a WW2 shooter. I’m not interested in CoD so this was my only option. If something like Hell Let Loose was on console I would play that instead and not give EA another cent.
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