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THE INFAMOUS 442nd PC platoon

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Like a phoenix, reborn from the ashes of the past, The Infamous 442 returns from the dust to reclaim it's former glory.

Through the years, hundreds of members have played on multiple platforms dating back to BF3 on Xbox 360. But, time takes it's toll, and many of our leaders have moved on, started families, etc. We loyal few are left to start fresh and rebuild our ranks for BFV, and this time around we're pouring our efforts into the PCMR. Join us! Help us build a community that makes us proud to log in every day. We've always stood for more than just a friends-list! We are a brotherhood. We live and die together, if only online.

**Important Information**
* We use Discord for all our Communications
* 18+ (adult topics and discussion)
* All skills are welcome. We don't have a kdr requirement or anything, all we ask is that you can give call-outs and play as a squad. We're more than willing to help you learn and improve.

To join, just comment your interest and we'll message you our discord information.


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