Comms question for platoon folks

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I have been playing BF since BF1942. Started on PC then moved to PS. I was on PS3 and now PS4. Have a headset for both. I used the mic all the time playing BF4 on the 3. The playing experience can more than double if you can actually talk to your squadmates. People complain about getting obliterated by other teams, well it is because they are communicating and truly working together. BF1 almost nobody on mic. BFV is just as bad. I am thinking about joining a platoon so that I have a better experience playing with folks that will work together. However I am finding that most platoons are using some type of side app for voice chat. Can someone tell me a bit more on this. Do you run the app on your phone and then connect the headset to your phone? How does that work for in game audio? It appears that the most used is Discord. I just don't know anything about it. I have only used voice through PS


  • BDubzZz86
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    Hey buddy...

    I think the people using Discord are mostly PC users? I'm not sure about this myself. Hope someone knows for sure.
    Happy hunting :)
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