Company Coins - Idea How Resolve This Problem!

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As all know there's a problem with company coins couting over 50 lvl. We should get 1000 coins when we get PD between 49-50 lvl. But some don't get it, and after the match see something like this 1000coins(+2), but don't get even 1.

Honestly for me the best solution for this from first day of this game was when they do something like in BF1 with battlepack after match. You see progress bar of needed PD to get battlepack.

Right know I don't really know for what I can get 1000 coins and when (anyway it's bugged, and dont get even 1coin). I think we need progress bar, and permanetly PD for next 1000 coins and next levels... :cold_sweat:


  • tsvictor
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    I will suggest to let us to re-do the assignment and allow us to sell them reward for CC. That's would speed up the slow CC income from each game.
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