It just doesn't click

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Well, that's it for me. I'm not having fun with BF V.
It's really hard to pinpoint what the problem is for me. Maybe it's the feeling of not having a frontline, people comes from every angle very fast. It feels much less tactical than previous entries (my reference are mostly BF 3 and 4).
Progression is a let down too, it seems to me gadget unlocks are few and uninteresting.
Vehicles are meh.. they are few and they drive weird bouncing around a lot..
Overall it lacks a soul or a vision. And don't get me started on the bugs. The assignments on tides of war are a joke. You can't put out those updates without testing them...


  • windtear
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    I feel your pain, the most idiotic map design in the series made BF V an all out team deathmatch with vehicles(with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ physics) it tries to copy good things from overwatch, fortnight, PUBG, COD and even doom then adding arma3's slow animation. ended up with a freak with no identity
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    I hate it that you don't enjoy it. Sorry.

    You Tube Overlords have turned this into CSGO basically and if you're not a dedicated player you will get trashed on.

    I literally think You Tube Overlords will eventually kill off Battlefield for good because they don't realize that Casuals and Noobs keep the game alive. My friends have quit because it's to hard for them and it frustrates them so they just don't play anymore. And they have been around since Bad Company 2. :(

    They want the game to be designed around there needs and playstyles. And what they will get is a game that they are only playing with Try Hards.

    TTK 2.0 was a nice adjustment and needed some tweaks but no we got TTK BF1 2.0 whre Assaults reign supreme.

    And I'm a Try Hard but I'm not selfish like others and want the game to be enjoyed by everyone. If I got to use one extra measly bullet to kill so be it.
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