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[PS4] [30th] [18+] [NA] [mic] [150+]

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Greetings everyone,

30th is a platoon of about 150+ members. We are currently looking to supplement our competitive division with, highly skilled and focused members.

Our requirements are: 18+, living in North America, uses Mic and Discord.
(We use discord as our virtual HQ)

Our current practice schedule is: Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday @ 21:00 EST, 20:00 CST, 19:00 MST, 18:00 WST

If you are interested, you may contact us via PSN or Discord.

ENEMYACE87, Xx_XxO_OxX_xX, gamerboyx027

Discord: gamerboyx027#9869, XO#1764, ENEMYACE87#5916

Thank you and goodbye!
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