connection problem from IRAN

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by all regards to origin and battle field admins ...
Im a gamer from iran. with 900hrs game play on battle field grounds
now after these years origin or battlefield stoped my gameplay by preventing to connect from IRAN.

what is actualy problem about you and me?

did I do something wrong?

I payed same money as EU and other place of world players payed.
why I cant play?
I payed same money for "titan fall "
my favorate game. why titan fall admins did not treat like you to me?

what will come next?
if there is problem tell me I will solve or try to solve it please.
my turkish squad wants me to bring my MORTAR and get ez kills.
by the best regards

soldier IR_LUCIFER_M_S


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    You can't use Origin Store and play Battlefield (Multiplayer mode) due to US embargoes and sanctions. Unfortunately, since Origin and EA services are not available in your country accordingly users from Iran can't play EA games and use EA services.

    Unfortunately, EA can't do anything with this and it's sad to see that political things affect the usual players.

    I'm closing this thread as there is nothing more to discuss and we can't really do anything with this here.

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