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Does anyone figured out how the two specialisations for hipfire affect each other?

E.g. with the MP 40 one can choose (left tree) more accuracy for hipfire on lvl 2 and the acurracy bar becomes significant longer.
If one clicks on the lvl 3 hipfire specialisation, the bar is longer then without any specialisation, but shorter then with the lvl 2 one.
Does this take back some improvement from the spec before or does it just show the effect the spec has, if it would be chosen alone?
Would be kind of silly, because one has to choose the lvl 2 spec to get to the lvl 3 spec.

What do you think about the need to go through the level of specs and being forced to buy specs on a lower lvl you do not want, to get to the ones on the higher lvl you want?
E.g. being forced to spend precious CC on faster ADS or reload on lvl 1, when you are fine with the standard times.

Why not skip one lvl, if there is a spec one has no need for?
E.g. skip the recoil spec in a tree, when one is fine with the recoil?

Is it just me or are some of the trees not well created? With some of them I think the link from left to right should be different or the specs in the trees should switch sides.


  • Dr_X2345
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    I don't have the specialisations you were talking about for the MP40, I went the other route, but isn't one linked to accuracy and one to control? Accuracy essentially being the effective range at which you can hit a majority of shots without them missing due to spread/drop and control being how easy it is to control the recoil? I'm not entirely sure, but that's my guess.
    As for the actual skill tress, most of the ones I've looked at seem to be pretty sensible, although some of them it feels like you shouldn't necessarily be locked to the two branches but instead be able to switch between them as you please. I think you should have to buy one level to get the next though, as it already is - that tends to be how skill tree type things work in other games as well.
  • MrClev3r
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    The weapon specializations in general are bland and not very impactful in my opinion. I can tell some difference, but honestly it gets pretty old pretty quickly picking the same perks over and over again because they are the only ones I find useful. I mean a bayonet on a sniper rifle?? Really?

    I feel like the devs were forced to do this due to time constraints; and I'm hoping that more meaningful/interesting perk trees will be inserted over time with the Tides of War content, because they are just dull and bland to me.
  • VincentNZ
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    Basically one decreases you minimum hipfire spread, meaning you start more accurate, while the other one decreases your spread increase per shot meaning it takes longer to reach the maximum.
    For SMGs:
    Hipfire Base spread: 0.675 (0.2)
    Hipfire Spread increase: 0.5 (0.25)
    I do not know the values change with the specs exactly, but it would look like the numbers in brackets. In conclusion I would go for the "longer burst" spec, because it keeps you decently accurate longer. The other one will only have a significant effect in the first few bullets and is meant to extend your hipfire range, which can be quite impressive if you can choose both.
    I doubt anyone uses a lot of hipfire beyond 10m and if you choose the spec where you can aim down sights faster you can land aimed shots before other weapons can, giving you a slight advantage at anything beyond close range, while not hurting your CQ performance much.
  • AngryVyper
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    Thx guys.
    So from your answers I figure that both specs add and each of them changes a different value related to hipfire. Well, makes sense. (But when it comes to BF V, I don`t bet on common sense as foundation of all decisions. So I think it is better to clarify if one is in the same page as DICE.)
  • smokintom214
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    To keep it simple looking at the MP40 and from what I can gather in a quick minute:

    Enhanced grip tightens the spread, and slightly reduces the random recoil aswell as while moving

    Polished action allows the crosshair to stay near when firing. I don't think the whole allowing to fire longer really has any effect because there is no overheat feature on smgs or guns that are not MMGs.
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