This Week in Battlefield V

The hardcore mode when?

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When will be there a hardcore mode coming to battlefield v?
And when we can rent the battlefield v servers?
It’s way to softcore for a lot of players out there.
Yeah but when you trow a v1 rocket bla bla
That’s what hardcore is about.
Our clan already decided to take a extra half jear of battlefield 4 server because we whanna play hardcore.
This clan has 97 members over the whole world.
Dice please don’t kill de Battlefield v already.
I am really afraid Battlefield v is getting a fast dead like battlefield 1.
A lot of people buy this game but a lot of people are leaving it already.
The community want to rent there own server and there own rules.


  • midgman
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    Mark my words I'm telling you exactly what's going to happen if hardcore in Battlefield V is not implemented all the people who want hardcore are going to leave Battlefield and go to Insurgency Sandstorm when it hits consoles and you're going to lose out on revenue. If you don't know what Insurgency Sandstorm is check it out only way DICE or EA is going to care about implementing a hardcore game mode is when they realize they're going to be losing revenue, and by the time they realize they should have implemented this it's going to be too late people are going to have already said **** Battlefield and they aren't coming back. So DICE and EA the balls in your court and it's in your best interest to get ahead of this before it smacks you in your face. Let's make sure they see this post VOTE IT UP SO THEY CAN SEE JUST HOW MUCH REVENUE THEY'RE GOING TO LOSE. I'LL BE LEAVING WHEN INSURGENCY COMES OUT IF HARDCORE IS NOT IMPLEMENTED.
  • tentativecomet
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    I just want my one shot headshots and realistic ttk back.
  • Siym
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    I am amazed that this game does not have hardcore yet. I was gifted this game for Christmas by a friend who I played a 1000 hours of bad company2/vietnam with. Long story short, he did not know this and has quit the game. I am about there as well.

    Great single player game not dogging on that but every battlefield and bad company I have played was solely on Hardcore mode... honestly the only way to play these style of games multi-player.
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