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Too many bugs

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I cant even be bothered to track them.

For me the whole point of playing BF was the interactive environment, environmental modelling and effects, for example being able to destroy the environment, being able to crawl, jump, climb and otherwise traverse through, under, over and into the environment.
This iteration, BF 5 something has gone wrong fundamentally with the map design. There are more interactive anomalies than ever before such as ammo/medic crates disappearing through floors or more common not deploying, usually when crouched or prone. Others include:

..> wobbling when prone sniping or seeking cover
..> displacement errors where line of sight looks clear but isn't when you shoot the bullet hits some invisible wall, yet the opponent can shoot you
..> throwing the sticky grenade consistently hits a nearby object presumably because they've played with the trajectory algorithms to compensate for the shape of the grenade being top heavy...gameplay killer
..> inaccurate weapon damage...direct hit with the rifle grenade and the player lived...yet its easy to kill someone with a plain old pistol
..> tanks are practically useless considering the lack of damage they do in ratio to damage needed to destroy one...similar issue in BF4 although the tanks in BF4 handled far more effectively than now...since BF1 coding quality control for the vehicle dynamics has significantly degraded
..> more A button pounding than ever to traverse objects

The list just goes on and on This is reminiscent of BF2 days where bug reports and unhappy players filled the forums. For the same thing to be happening again with years of development experience and evolution under their belt and asking more money than ever before not to pay for the quality but to line the pockets of CEOs, pay for cars, mortgages, holidays and pay for all the latest technology their using and to pay salaries for hiring all the new "talented" programmers and designers...and we still get this crap.

If this was anything other than an arcade game, they would've gone out of business by now. Addiction is the only thing keeping EA and DICE in business.


  • Udonitron
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    PC issues are the same.
    Throwing med and ammo boxes absorb into the ground.
    The prone bug that was around in BF4 still lives in this game.
    You hit a tiny rock and pop, you stand up and get headshot or unseen things on the ground make you start to move upwards and expose yourself once again.
    SUPER annoying.
  • mudpig44
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    What about being shot by "where's Wally" and the ninja **** that just can't be seen.
    Multiple rounds coming at you in one packet. This game drives me **** nuts.
  • Doc943
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    Always played Medic class in BF. Trying to find the elusive X on a downed teammate is incredibly frustrating, especially under fire and almost impossible on sloped terrain. Don’t seem to be able to drop medic packs much anymore either.
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