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    Well said. Let's note that "Official" servers in BF4 were not run by EA (must less DICE), they were rented servers too but the operators had agreed to have sharply limited control over their servers. The theory was that the egomaniacs and kiddies with a rules phobia and so on would play on Official servers so there would be little problem keeping those servers populated, it was a trade-off, less control for a full server. Most of the Official servers I played were horrible, e.g. if the teams became imbalanced there was nothing the admins could do about it because they couldn't move players, so if the balancer stopped working it was 32 vs. 15 for the rest of the round. Official servers were also where EA ended up dumping Game Time players after it became clear cheaters were using the Game Time promotion for an infinite series of disposable accounts, when they were banned they would just open another Game Time account and continue trolling. Think about that, EA confined a population with a high likelihood of cheating to Official servers--I'll take a Ranked server with an active admin who had BF4DB open on a second monitor so he could take out the trash anytime over an Official server where a blatant cheater is untouchable.

    In other games where there were both rented servers and servers run by EA then Official servers could be taken to mean servers run by EA/DICE. In BFV the distinction is moot because there are no rented servers, and in the long run I bet that will shorten the life of the game because dedicated clan players tend to stick with a game longer than casual players (which could be exactly what EA has in mind, i.e. selling us a new game in a couple of years).

    This. When my team had our own BC2 server I always had a laptop up with the admin software running. We did not have sketchy players on our server and there was nearly always a waitlist to get in due to good map rotation.. good players and matches and very active admins.

    Exactly! The characters who spin the fairy tale of badmins everywhere can't explain away the reality that there were so many servers so popular that you have to wait in queue to get in. I was an admin on a BF3 server that for a time was ranked sixth most popular in that game, and I banned plenty of players if they caused Cheat-O-Meter to light up like a Christmas tree or if I watched them do something that clearly required a hack. I remember one guy who stood in one spot with a rifle in his hands but was getting knife kills all over the map including in locations he could not have reached without parachuting. Since my character was right beside him looking at him as the kill scroll reported his obviously bogus kills that was one case where I didn't need a stats analysis service to confirm he was cheating.

    I encountered maybe half a dozen servers over the years where the admins were such jerks that I knew I wouldn't be going back. On the other hand I had a favorites list full of servers with good admins who took care of business without playing favorites, places where I played often--and yes, I was known to donate money to such servers to help keep them operating. It just isn't credible that the badmins everywhere guys never found good servers like that, it seems far more likely that their own behavior had something to do with them being kicked or banned so often. Actually I've seen posts in the BF3/4 forums where players boasted about breaking every rule they could on the grounds that they had a right to play as they pleased and no admin could tell them otherwise.

    But today EA doesn't want local admins, so the most blatant hack user imaginable can show up in a BFV server and there isn't a thing anyone can do other than report him--and then watch him continue to spoil games for weeks or months. There are threads on the Reddit BFV sub with video evidence of obvious cheaters who have been reported over and over yet are still playing. The other day a DICE dev said he would forward one of the videos to the anti-cheat dept., the same anti-cheat dept. which had received numerous reports about the same cheater for weeks. But this is supposed to be a better way to run a server than having a live admin who could have banned the cheater the first time he showed up? I don't think so.

    I was an admin on servers in BF2, BF3 and BF4. And I know how often one of us had to ban people for obvious cheats. As a matter of fact I personally looked through hundreds of screen captures back in the day of BF2 to find an report cheaters (many of whom were subsequently banned by punkbuster/anti-cheat communities).
    I also remember that we had to ban many people for behaving like maniacs on our servers. Insults usually got the insulting players a warning, then a kick and finally a time ban. And our admins were required to take screenshots of insults (in the chat) before executing a ban. Very often, those who received temporary bans for continuous insults came to our website to complain about us "badmins" and then shut up very quickly when we whipped out screenshots.
    Long story short: Our admins had to personally account for every admin decision they took. We were forced to hand out a lot of kicks and bans but many more players kept populating our server and waiting in line, because we provided a cheater free environment, where a baseline of respect towards others was expected. Our BF2 server was so popular that it continued to run until a couple of months after the release of BF4!
    Yet of course there were also those, who couldn't behave themselves, were banned and then went on to forums to call us out as badmins. And sadly these people who want to behave like maniacs and ruin everybody's experience are the most vocal opponents of RSP.
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    Community Servers are what made the franchise great and the absence of them is one key point in what is currently massively damaging the franchise.

    Agreed, I think in the long run a lack of rented servers and the enthusiastic clans which ran them is going to hurt the Battlefield franchise. The suits at EA who are making these decisions are probably okay with BF titles dying faster than they used to, they want us to buy a new game every two years or so, they don't want us still playing BFV when they have just released BF6. But overall that means the players who made this series a success in the past won't stick around, each new BF release will be just another shooter competing with all the other similar games.
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    Typical BF4 moment: Join the Shanghai 24/7 server. Jump into AH. Launch the TOW missile, shoot down the server owner. The screen goes black. "You have been banned from this server"

    But still, there will always be good servers as well as the official ones. We definitely need RSP.

    I killed lots of admins in lots of different servers in BF4, never saw that ban screen. So I'm going to suggest that isn't a typical BF4 moment, atypical would be more like it. I'm not saying it never happened to anyone, but it never happened to me or the dozens of players I was in TeamSpeak with every day so it sure doesn't seem to have been typical.
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    Are there even official servers for BF4 still?

    If not, no

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    Please don't bring RSP to Battlefield 5. I don't want to have to play by other people's rules. I want to be able to play whatever I want use whatever I want and not get kicked out just because I'm good at the game. Currently whenever I go and play Battlefield 4 all I can find is RSP servers all doing the same map 24/7 I can't experience the rest of the game because of it I don't want this to be happening in Battlefield 5. As long as RSP is for private servers and not in public it's fine with me.

    if there was no rsp then there would just be less players over all. I don't understand how people don't get this. you can't cage players by taking aways their possibilities and expect them to go the way you want them to go. if you take away their fun they will just leave. if there was no rsp there wouldn't be a lot of servers up in the first place.
    also standard rotation gets very boring very quickly
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    With third party servers platoons would move to next battlefield ( and have some old servers up ), now platoons are looking for other games.
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