Picking Up Enemy Mines....

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Guys, I cant remember if this has been discussed or was an option in the previous BF games (I've played since the start) … but I'd really like to be able to disarm and pickup enemy mines (specifically tank, but AP would be good too).

So I see it as an option for any class equipped to deploy mines could resupply themselves with up to the max (3 mines) from either a team mates or enemies deployed mines. When redeployed, they'd obviously become your own. So I believe there are a max number of deployed mines you can have before old mines 'disappear' (which I understand is a performance/mechanics/gameplay issue with unlimited deploys), that should still remain.

But there's so many times I'm out of mines, hand see enemy mines deployed and just have to shoot them to avoid our own tanks from running on them, I'd sooo much rather remove and keep them.

Could this feature be added? Comments?

Edit: After re-reading, possibly picking up a team mates mines not required as that could lead to steeling team mates scores (you can see I haven't really thought this through ;) )


  • Foot_Guard_Tomei
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    It was engineer kit skill tied to repair tool to disarm enemy explosives or in more recent games by simply picking them up. Hidden mechanic which isn't clearly explained anywhere in games. I haven't tried that can support pick up explosives in 1 or V.
  • DingoKillr
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    If you had mines equipped in BF1 you pickup. I have not tried in BFV.

    If you have space less than 3 AT mines on you then yes It would be good to replenish of enemy stocks.

    Claymore, Tripwire could be pickup because they don't have 360 degree trigger not sure how you could disarm AP mines.
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