Gameplay Suggestion- Tank Battle (Blitzkrieg)

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Similar to the air raid games of BF1, this would be all tanks. To compensate for having weaker tanks, the side with them would have more people and tanks. They could also have more tickets on their side that need to expire in order to be defeated.

The objective of the game is to smash through the opponent's lines and capture a base or town on the other side of the lines (I guess similar to Conquest, but with less objectives and you have to hold what you already have). If it becomes a stalemate and no team can successfully smash through the opponent and capture the objective while holding their own, then the team to lose all their tickets first loses.

You could have some famous tank battles (El Alamein, Kursk, etc), but you could also play this along the current Battlefield V theme by also showing lesser-known big tank battles (Hannut and the Blitzkrieg along with battles during Operation Barbarosa). If you start with a 32 person map and work your way up to 64, while having maybe 15-30 tanks. You could even throw Behemoths into the game for teams that are struggling by giving heavy tanks (similar to games in BF1 where a team not doing well would get elite kits spawned at their base).



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