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Can I be friends with DICE so they will give me cool dog tags?

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I know it's rude to ask, but let's face it, how else am I supposed to become friends with DICE and unlock the tags?
Hello anyone from DICE that's reading this.
I think you done a pretty good job on the newer MoH games and should look at bringing a new one out.
Also during the BF4 beta, why did the whole map go grey on that one with the skyscraper?
Oh yeah btw, night operations was extremely underrated and underplayed, I thought it was cool.
Wanna go for a pint some time and catch up dude? Haven't caught up in a while.
Oh one more thing, having the M1 Garand for BFBC2 vets was sick, thanks, it's a shame nobody really plays that game anymore though :'(


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