Can I be friends with DICE so they will give me cool dog tags?

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I know it's rude to ask, but let's face it, how else am I supposed to become friends with DICE and unlock the tags?
Hello anyone from DICE that's reading this.
I think you done a pretty good job on the newer MoH games and should look at bringing a new one out.
Also during the BF4 beta, why did the whole map go grey on that one with the skyscraper?
Oh yeah btw, night operations was extremely underrated and underplayed, I thought it was cool.
Wanna go for a pint some time and catch up dude? Haven't caught up in a while.
Oh one more thing, having the M1 Garand for BFBC2 vets was sick, thanks, it's a shame nobody really plays that game anymore though :'(


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    I didn't got anything for working at EA/DICE, why would you get something just by playing their game that they dont support anymore? I don't wanna break all your hopes and dreams but that's not gonna happen.
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    Sorry, but I'm not sure it's possible to get DICE Friend Dog Tag in Battlefield 4 now as there are no more nominations for it. Also, there was a criteria to get this dog tag:
    “A DICE Friend is a nominated Battlefield 4 player who has helped DICE and Battlefield 4 through things like community building, events, tournaments, bug tracking help, or other positive influences”.

    So, if you deserve DICE Friend Dog Tag and you are really helpful member in the Battlefield Community and other community members will nominate you, you will get the dog tag. Now as I said above there are no more nominations in Battlefield 4 accordingly it's impossible to get the dogtag.
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    An effort was made
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