A respectful departure.

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Well I have really tried to enjoy this game but it seems its just not for me, i feel like a close friend has passed. I LOVE battlefield games and sometimes when i am having a rough day at work, knowing i can come home and play gets me through the day. (Sad i know). But i just cant enjoy this game, literally the more i play the worse it gets, stats and the experience. So I am hanging up BF5 and going back to BF1. I just wanted to thank everyone who tried to help me and answered questions. I hope those who enjoy the new battlefield era can continue to do so. Maybe one day i will give it another go, just not much for the whole run and gun, think later style. I miss the tactics and realsiticness. But for those who enjoy it I think this game nails it.


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    I myself don’t think this game is actually that bad. Only maps I really can’t stand are Hamada and Panzerstorm for the most part. Those maps are ideal for vehicles and snipers, and I don’t like either. For me the hardest part was accepting I needed to adapt my playstyle from BF1 to BF5. When I finally realized that I started noticing there were still tactics involved, just not the way I was used to. Anyway, always sorry to see someone quitting. All the best to you.
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    Why do people feel the need to announce they're leaving the game? Should I beg you to stay? Cry and say please say it isn't so? My suggestion to you is I started off extremely awful at this game and I was awful in battlefield 1 as well.. I've risen my k/d up to 1.33 from like .6 land... adjust your play style and give it time and you'll get better. Most people don't get worse with practice. Either way I really wish threads like this would just wither away. Not to sound hateful but my God enough already.
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