new kill cam visible id tag problems

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hopped on yesterday after not playing for a month and i think this new kill cam and id tag crap is re-tarded, reveals your position. and what happened
to having to spot out your enemies and the enemy team having to spot you? why do i now automatically see my enemies up close and why do they see me? i was playing earlier and a few people were coming towards a flag automatically they see me and i see them about 4 of them and kill me instantly because of this new feature... while a month or so ago i could of killed them all and not have been spotted. come on ea please revert back to how it was originally PLEASE.


  • PuckersMcColon
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    I too hate the kill cams. Show a profile of the player and what they used instead. Giving away their cover is downright lame. Takes away the thrill of plinking that PITA sniper that got behind you. Even if they move cover, still easy to find them. Also, maybe eliminate/reduce downed players ability to track the field. I mean if I can spin around and call the guy that killed me to my squad, couldn't my soldier crawl to get his own damned med pack? Treat it like a KO or something, blur the soldiers vision and prevent movement.
  • zack9912000
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    Agreed annoying as hell to work behind the other team and you start wiping them out only to have the dead guy come back and he instantly knows where you are
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