Aircraft Seat Swapping



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    If you get killed by tail gunners over and over again, stop flying. Do something else. Flying is not your thing.
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    Draccon149 wrote: »
    Pro Tip: Break off your attack once they seat swap, swing around by the time you swing around they are back in pilot seat and finish them off. I never have problems taking out a bomber in a fighter and do not have to resort to ramming them once they seat swap. Just salty people ram other planes.

    So you’re the one!!!

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    In general there's not a huge amount that has irritated me as much in this game as the ability for people to seat swap from piloting a bomber, to the tail gunner and start uploading on a trailing aircraft, all whilst the bomber maintains course.

    Surely I can't be the only one that finds this absurd?

    Problem is that gunner's weapons are completely useless against ground targets and does not even rotate properly. No one plays as gunners. Thats why pilots do that swicth to survive. In BF1 CAS's gunner could rotate to 360 and mark targets for pilot. In that case gunner could get even more objective points then pilot. But in BF V to be a gunner is just a waste of time....
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