We need more challenges after maxing out a weapon



  • aRrAyStArTaT0
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    I always get a little confused by the "I have a million kills and 100k hours with X weapon, why is this game so boring?" threads.

    I'm not saying the game is boring. I'm just saying that there's no reason why we should have 0 incentive to play the way we want to after a certain point. This was an issue when players hit level 50 and they weren't getting CC. Players were bored and just stopped playing as they felt their time wasn't worth anything.
    I'm not bored with the game. I just find it frustrating that I can play the way I want and that I'm successful with yet not get rewarded for playing well with that gun. I like sniping. I find extreme success in sniping. After a certain point, DICE says that I don't get the same rewards as I used to for sniping.
    It's like you get punished for getting better at a certain weapon. That's what this is about. You can't unlock other skin types. You can't unlock anything new. Even something as simple as golden sight types for mastery V+ or something would be great.
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