Tank and Plane (pilot/driver) customize

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With all the work that has been put into the customization of individual characters, I feel as though the pilot (tank and plane) driver character has been left out of the loop. Nothing like getting in the best squad with a Tanker or Plane Pilot class, only to have a Default, generic character on display along side totally decked out squad mates (infantry). I would like to see something done about this. We as players should be able to change and customize our pilots appearance, as well as have a little more access to weapons besides a STEN gun. Allow us to decide if our tank or plane pilot is a male or female, and what kind of appearance they have outside of the vehicle. I'm not asking to add anything extra, but rather just allow us to have access to the appearance of the character somewhere in our company while editing our vehicles. Open up some more weapon options like a few more SMGs, SemiAuto, Shoguns, or even a LMG like the FG42. Just a little food for thought, because some players bail out and play on the ground as those classes, or even get out of their vehicle to use the repair tool which can be faster. Plus, you want players to have their own unique look. Well our pilots deserve to have the same service, instead of a Default, generic female soldier with a STEN gun. Thank you and I hope you take this into consideration with the roll out with future updates, especially in regards to vehicles.


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    I want to make My Company more realistic as I am pretty sure there weren't any women driving tanks or piloting airplanes.
  • anken555
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    I want choose my gun too.
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