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Tank vs tank balance

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First off I always liked vehicle combat in the battlefield series and do rather well with the various weapon platforms. However does anyone else feel that the tank vs tank fights need better balancing? Example the 2 best vehicles in the game (archer and valintine) can easily face tank and trade blows head on with a tiger with a 85% chance of victory. And a panzer 4 or stug can flank a churchill and shoot 3 or 4 shot into his side armor while he calmly rotates his turret and bast ur front armor to point of u having to pop smoke and withdraw. Also figure in the ammo counts and how often one must pull back from the front to pick up ammo after just killing 2 or so enemy tanks? It just feels like there isn't enough reward for good tank play and tactics compared to older bf games. Little to no reward for a flank or ambush unless ur in the archer of course. I believe that best way to fix the tank balance issues is to add incentive to play a vehicles to their strenghts and design purpose. Example add armor value to heavy tanks like tiger and church gun carrier frontal armor and keeping or slightly reducing side and rear armor to encourage flanking them while in light and med tanks while also incentivizing the heavys as line pushers or holders. Reduce all armor values of light vehicles again to encourage less face tanking. Adding better damage to the seemingly anaemic german 75mm gun upgrades. Also reduce side armor values on mid tanks so they to are also weaker to flanks. And all around increase ammo count for tanks with rather low total counts, maby when taking ap ammo upgrades to add mor of that ammo but cost some he rnd count. And prehapse increase amount of mg ammo. I know balance is key to this game over historical accuracy I get that, but balance should still be fun and rewarding at the same time. Any other thoughts? And please do keep it civil. And please no elites trying to give advice on how to play, just want to hear about how people feel the balance is for tank v tank situations. And suggestions how devs can potentially improve it.


  • Pyr0Plazma
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    Please break this up into paragraphs. I refuse to read this as is.
  • MSKelly1976
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    Nothing in this game is balanced... It’s a joke. It’s why I only login to play the assignment challenges to unlock vehicles/weapons and won’t be buying the next game.
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