BFV has no seriousness to it.

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What I’m saying is I don’t feel like it’s a war. It’s just not grabbing me like previous battlefield titles did, and there is a few factors why.

The uniforms: I’m open to customization, as long as they stay true to the time period. Here it’s like everyone had a gas mask. Or a rat burner helmet.

The voice lines: Soldiers around you say some annoying stuff. I’ll be just sitting there, and a guy spawns and yells “YOU!” Or they ask “what are you doing”. Well, slimthicc69 I guess I’m in combat.

The environments: this is the biggest one. In BF4, there was ash and rock in the air. Especially when you leveled something. BF1 did the best for environment, with its dark atmosphere.

But in BFV it just feels like another day. Except for devastation. It’s bright outside even when it rains. It just lacks that war feel that was in previous titles.

Sometimes I have to remember I’m playing a WW2 game. When I see a tiger, I think “oh yeah, WW2” as I run around with my WW1 weapon, and my Kricket bat.


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    BF1 atmosphere was awesome! And yes, sadly there is no atmospher in BFV
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    Yesterday I played a little medal of honor: European assault..

    Even with the god awful graphics it felt like more of a "war game" than bfv does...
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    The only time I felt like in war was durring the Grand Operation on Rotterdam but unfortunately only on one objective. The whole server was fighting on one and the same street. It felt pretty big, even my PS Pro dropped fps to like 20 per second.
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