Amiens - AGAIN!!!

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To no one in particular.

So I have played a few games tonight since getting home from work. Each time I have jumped on, and always, there are 2, maybe three servers with people on them in Oceania. Tonight I have seen Amiens pop up about 6 times. Just jumped on at about 8:55 PM and got the last 5 -10 minutes of a Sinai Desert game. That finished and the next map up was Amiens, so I quit to go look what else was on. Saw a server with 64 plus 6 waiting on Suez, so jumped on that to get the end of that game or the next one. By the time I got through the next map was starting, **** Amiens AGAIN!!!. Had a look, all three active servers have Amiens running!!!

I am so sick of playing conquest on the same 5 maps on the Oceania servers, and I have only been playing since late last year. WTF? Why are there no other game modes at all, and why are the same maps chosen over and over and over.

I've got BFV installed, I think it's about time I go check that (and 3 and 4) out.

Get some variety in your lives guys and girls.


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